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Williston Crossing
Homosassa's The Freezer
It's the Last Day of 2019. Our buddy Manfred was back in the States from Germany, so we decided to get
together at the Freezer in Homosassa Springs. Sure turned out to be a pretty nice day, a lot of sun, and
nice temperatures. We made it over to the Freezer at 11:25, they don't open till 11:30 and there was
already a line about 20 people outside waiting to get in. This is one of those rustic restaurants that I love
checking out, food is good! I went for, and had no problem with the two and a half pounds of steamed
shrimp, they were great! Manfred and his Buddy had a little time before they had to head back so we
decided to go and ride the Ozello Trail which he never rode. Once we got to the end of the trail we did
our usual cutting up talking and enjoying the day then it was that time again to head on home and to get
ready to celebrate the new year. Happy New Year every one!!
our route on map
133 miles
Direct route using Hwy's 121 & 98 is 53 miles
one way
Weekends can get very crowed check Google
for best times and when open.  Shrimp
portions are big.  Nothing is fried everything is
steamed and cash they do have an ATM
Our video of the trip
This was one of those real quick rides. I did make a map of the route after we did it. Remember on your
computer you can click the link and go to street view and see the whole route. The holidays are here,
and the weather hasn't really been cooperating. We miss our riding buddies, hopefully we can change
that with the weather. Now this ride was only about 83 miles but it got us out on the bikes. One thing
neat with this ride was the neat little roads I enjoyed, I mean I enjoyed all the roads. Heading to
Gainesville, on 241 I always like taking that little stretch, Southwest 15th Avenue all the canopy trees!
After leaving Harley and a few roads we find ourselves on Highway 24 heading south, we turned off onto
Southwest 143rd Street right before Archer eventually we worked our way to Northwest Highway 320
then took another one of those neat little roads Northwest 221st Street, another cool what I call real old
Florida Road.  Love going through the town of Micanopy. We ate at Blue Highway in Micanopy, we did sit
outside, the weather was nice, everybody seemed enjoy their meal and soon it was time to say our
goodbyes to Wayne (Boo Boo). Then we headed south to McIntosh, and took Highway 318. We took that
across all the way into Williston to finish off the ride. See you on the road
Micanopy's Blue Highway Pizzeria
Our video of the trip
Direct route using Hwy's 121 & 320 & 234 is
20.1 miles one way
Little looking place, you can sit outside too,
they have 2 locations this one is in Micanopy
neat atmosphere great pizza and
sandwiches, portions okay right off of US 441
our route on map
83.3 miles
Weeki Wachee's Bayport Inn Restaurant
Our video of the trip
It's the day after Christmas and we're just going out for a little ride, our destination is close to Hudson Florida, it
was a direct route so no map today. It's weird when I take pictures for instance, we passed this guy on a trike
bicycle with the American flags, it was pretty cool. I didn't notice until I started looking at the pictures, I didn't realize
he had a big dog with him, anyway, we've been to this place before Bayport Inn, the restaurant I got to say is in a
cool location. Not only was it a beautiful day today, I had a smile on my face when our waitress said it's all the
shrimp you can eat for $11.95, now first words out of my mouth was popcorn shrimp? Nope they were a good size!!
Well I can say I got my fill, now for the restaurant here it's back in that category of restaurants I love visiting, very
rustic by the water, swampy just a neat place to visit. The group was here at one time. After we filled our bellies we
headed to Pine Island, they have a park there, they also have a snack bar that we were not interested in this time.
Beautiful beach, now it does cost $5 per vehicle, seems like motorcycles always get a bum rap! Well we took in the
sights walked around, we sat down at the picnic tables and started cutting up like we always do. Then we started
back home, we have one little road before you get back to the Bayport Inn that kind of goes through the swamp,
definitely a cool ride so we took it. Soon we were heading back to Williston Crossing. Oh yea, just had to get a
Klondike bar! Another great day Great friends, Great sites and oh yes Great food!!! See you on the road
77.1 miles
Direct route using Hwy's 121 & 98 &
Cortez Blvd is 77.1 miles one way
Rustic restaurant the kind I like right on
the water or more like swamp, all you
can eat shrimp Monday - Friday certain
hours but on Wednesday all you can eat
all day long very good and nice size.
our route
round trip
100 miles
Inverness's The Cove
Our video of the trip
This was another Let's Ride Gainesville ride. Ed had made this route. We took some nice roads on our way to the
The Cove Pub Restaurant. This place has a nice atmosphere and water is nearby. Today we met the group in
Williston Florida, not far from the RV Resort that we are staying at. Did have a nice little group, once again the
weather was nice. I got to say the food at the restaurant was great! On the way over when we entered Inverness,
traffic build-up fast, they had a Christmas parade, never seen it but did see all of the traffic. Once we got to the
restaurant I did my usual, ordered and then walked around and started taking pictures to give you guys an idea of
what it's like here. The water isn't very far from the restaurant, but if you don't pay attention you may miss it.
There's a picture of a house there, close to the water, like a bed and breakfast that they rent out. They plan to
have like 10 to 12 RV lots in the near future. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. Once again I think the
temperature stayed right at 70 degrees all day long, it was nice! See you on the road
Direct route one way using Hwy's 121 & SR44 is 46.1 miles
Rustic restaurant again, right by the water, good food, also
great for groups
Our video of the trip
our route
one way
46 miles
Not too many ways to get here.  Cedar Key
is a nice little town that should be a part of
the keys with it's looks definitely a place you
need to check out plenty of restaurants!!
Our video of the trip
Jacksonville's Clark's Fish Camp
our route
round trip
197 miles
Direct route one way 95.5 miles
Rustic restaurant on the water, very unusual all kinds of
trophy of animals, and all kind of foods, check the size of
their prime rib!!!  Worth checking out!!
We posted this on Let's Ride Gainesville. It's been quite some time since we visited Clark's Fish Camp. Of course my bike would
not start, it couldn't completely crank over sounds like a dead battery but I had this happen before, you can put a jumper on it and it
will do the same thing, won't crank over! From now on I carry a spark plug wrench with me, every time this happens (twice now) I
pull a spark plug out, crank it over, let it run maybe for 5 hits then put the spark plug back in and it will crank up like it has 1 strong
battery in it. I think the decompression unit is not working on it at all times. Well we're in Williston Crossing with our RV, we met up
at the BP station Highway 24 which is Waldo Road and 53rd in Gainesville, had a nice ride over. Going up Highway 16 seems it
like they have been busy building more businesses. When we got to Clark's Fish Camp it looks pretty much like it always has, I love
that rustic look I noticed the prime rib was a little more expensive now, so I decided to pass, I mean they give you like two and a half
pounds of prime rib! Clark's Fish Camp, I can't think of another restaurant that compares, really interesting place. I always walk
through, take a lot of pictures to try to give you an idea what it looks like on the outside and on the inside. Everybody seemed to
enjoy their food, my shrimp was great, Marcia had shrimp and grits and she loved it, I have heard her complain at other places but
not here. The prime rib sandwich which for a moment I thought I missed out with, the sheer volume of this sandwich watching Ed's
happy face!! Karen had salmon and she sounded very impressed with her meal. It was like a big happy meal for all of us! Once we
got past Penny Farms on the way home we ended up making a left on State Highway 21 went through Keystone Heights, then on
to Melrose, and stopped at Chiappinis (another neat little store with a lot of history) we said our goodbyes here after one adult
beverage,   Marcia and I continued our way home crossing over to Williston on Highway 318. If your never been to this restaurant
(Clark's Fish Camp) and you're in the area you definitely need to check it out!!! Until next time see you own the road
Well we're now over at Williston Crossing RV Resort. We will call this place home for a while, and today was our first motorcycle
adventure since we got here! I got to say it was on the cold side yesterday, I think we did break 55° on the way home. Cedar Key is
only about 40 to 43 miles from here, one thing I don't like is you got one long, long straight road, but once you get there you will
have a little gem to check out! Now we have been here many times and they have quite a selection of restaurants to eat at, we had
planned to do some more exploring while here. We did try Steamers Ultimate Bloody Mary, and it was good but we had a friend tell
us awhile back of a better place for a Bloody Mary, we will check it out being so close here in Williston!! See You On The Road
Cedar Key's Steamers
Renegades On the River
Our video of the trip
This was another Let's Ride Gainesville ride, and Ed posted this ride, we left Williston Crossing  and we
headed east towards Crescent City.  Now Renegades On the River is one neat little restaurant, RV
Resort, Tiki Bar, nice marine, and they also rent cabins.  Food here is always good.  We always eat at
the restaurant, but they also have a tiki bar here I'm sure you can get hamburgers and french fries
there.  This place is located on St Johns River in the area which I Call Old Florida.   Now there's some
nice little roads that we rode on around here, and there is a couple other restaurants to checkout,
Shrimps R Us, and Three Bananas has a nice atmosphere on the lake, and  one more restaurant that we
haven't been to in probably 20 years Porky's Landing (I have heard they have closed) it's also in that
area, but you definitely have to check out Renegades it is nice!! See you on the road.
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Our video of the trip
This video has two different rides.  On the Lake Harris Hideaway ride they have just paved 182nd ave.  
This is one of my favorite rides that we do.  Now the wait at the restaurant was a little long we were told
about 50 minutes, but while waiting, there is some great music playing and some neat views to check
out!! Our second part Treasure Camp is another rustic restaurant on the river definitely a place to check
out too!!  But unfortunately they were closed this (Monday & Tuesday) day so always call ahead!  But
we had a nice ride to Cedar Key and ate at 83 West.
Google Photo
Google Photo
Our video of the trip
This was another ride that Ed had made, and posted on Let's Ride Gainesville.  We're still here at Williston
Crossing RV Resort and today we headed over to Archer Florida where we met up with our buddies from
Gainesville, and then headed over to Steinhatchee to the Who Dat bar and Grill.  Once again this is another one
of those rustic restaurants that I do like.  It is also has a marina, a bar, and a hotel.  Once again we had beautiful
weather, and a nice ride.   After I ordered, I walked around and got some pictures and video to show what the area
looks like.  They did have a special today, it's like 20 fried shrimp, two sides, which I got the fries and fried okra.  
At the same time it was Karen's birthday, we sang Happy Birthday, and celebrate it. Then i noticed Marcia had
gone into their store where they sell bait, and other things. She came back out with a pretty neat looking T-shirt, I
liked it enough that I went in there I bought myself a shirt too.  Well after our meal we headed back to Williston
Crossing and when we passed hwy FL 26  our buddies left us and headed back to Gainesville, and we continue
on US 27 back to Williston.   Another nice ride for us till next time see you in the road.
Google Photo
Google Photo
Lake Harris Hideaway & Treasure Camp
Who Dat Bar & Grill
This is their official
web site
Now right above is Williston
Crossings official website, also we
have a link to where they are
located at.  Marcia and I have
really enjoyed our four month stay
at Williston Crossing.  Met a lot of
neat people, made a lot of new
friends, and have decided that
from now on this will be our home
away from home starting
November 1st, 2020 we will have a
permanent site at the Crossing
Gainesville HD
War Horse HD Ocala
Crystal HD Homosassa
Gator HD Leesburg
The funny thing with me and Marcia, our house is only about 40
minutes from here!   We just enjoy meeting all the people and
all the events they have, we love it!   Now on this page you
seen a lot of the Harley shops that we've gone too, now just
because we have Harley's doesn't mean we won't ride with you
guys if you don't... unless you have mopeds, that just don't
work!  One thing you did not see in the quick little video we
made of Williston Crossing is their pool.  They have a nice
pool, unfortunately they were working and remodeling it when
we were there, but since we have left I've had a friend send
pictures.  It is nice!  Can't wait until November when we go
back there, we may have to make a little trip before then.   
Now  this Coronavirus has really thrown a wrench into
everything, what I mean by that, places that we listed below
that we went to while we were at the Crossing, we pray that
somehow they make it through all this and we'll be able to
open again!  We will definitely be adding to this page in the
future, but we will have some  links of more places to visit that
we have been to in the past but didn't make it on this trip.  I
can say there's a lot more in this area!!  We're more about
motorcycling, but all of these rides are nice in your car!   This
is a great location and as I said we'll be adding to this page!!!!
Now this is our home town
Gainesville 17.9 miles to both stores
Gainesville 17.9 miles to both stores
Ocala 26 miles to both stores
Dunnellon 24.6 miles
When ever we make a road trip be 1 week or 4 months we always ask the RV resort where the nearest
Walmart is
All of these stores are Located in
Williston, FL
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Tiki Bar Behind Low Key Behind Hideaway
Our video of the trip
Our vacation here at Williston Crossing is coming to an end.  Now Corona-virus has come into the
picture as well.  We shot this video January 1st, 2020, and I am just making it now.  I pray all of these
restaurants will some how survive.   I know we will still ride, but there maybe a lot of picnic baskets
involved.  In this video, it's the first day up 2020 and our buddies invited us to the Tiki bar to try out the
Bloody Mary experience!! This place is located in Cedar Key. You're talking about kicking back, relaxing,
having a nice view with great friends, oh yeah the Bloody Mary's were great!! After our Bloody Mary
experience or alcoholic salad not sure what to call it we ended up exploring Cedar Key. We've been
here many of times but only a few times have we gone off the beaten path and we rode over towards
the airport and it was pretty cool when we were riding alongside the runway this plane took off right
next to us. Then it was time to head on home we did stop at Julie's Restaurant on the way home or to
the RV Park, another great, day, friends, and lots of fun! See you on the road����...
Our video of the trip
Now like I said we're here at Williston Crossing at the RV Resort, our buddy Tom asked us  if we have been to
Suwannee Belle Landing ? My answer was I've never heard of it, I kind of felt bad that I didn't know this place was
open in our riding area.   I thank Tom for sharing this with me! Now you guys know I love those rustic by the water
Florida restaurants, well this is another one of those places.  It's right on the Suwannee River, it's a big building
which should be able to host large groups.  Marcia and I went there yesterday and I got to say the food was great,
now Marcia had the shrimp tacos also got an order oyster stew and I got the fried shrimp and we also got an order
of fish dip.  Now lately I've been getting fish dip at other restaurants, and not happy with it, this wasn't smoked fish
dip, but the fish dip was good, I will order it again, and I didn't hear no complaints from Marcia, she said the tacos
were great, oyster stew she said that was great too, also the view was great!  This will be one of the places that
we will take the group to.  Now only problem I did have was with Dammit (our drone) would not fly right, sorry I
didn't get very much video or pictures matter of fact and it wouldn't go past the building to get a video from the
water but this is definitely a restaurant you want to check out!!  Always check the website make sure when they're
open but is definitely a place that we will be coming back.  See you guys on the road ����
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Suwannee Belle Landing
Marcia and I
The Group Ride
Our video of the trip
This is another neat little ride to take from the Crossing.  Ed posted this ride on Let's Ride Gainesville.   
We took some neat little roads to McHenry Sports Pub which is located in Keystone Heights, Florida.  
We have done a lot of motorcycle riding out of the state, I used to think how beautiful the mountains are
in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, etc... and I still do but I was taking for granted what we have here
in Florida.  We don't have them mountain roads and which are beautiful, and we wear the center of our
tires out pretty much!  Florida has its own back-roads  with these big oak trees all decorated with
Spanish moss, they have their own beauty that I've come to appreciate, and love.   I love finding these
rustic restaurants on small country roads and having these restaurants on a river or swamps, really
cool, and it's what I call old Florida!   We had a nice size group today.    McHenry Sports Pub it's not my
rustic restaurant by the water in Florida but it is in a sweet little town riding through Keystone Heights,
and a lot of beauty that your eye captures.   The restaurant can handle a good-sized group easily, but
one thing I observed, is their big hamburgers, I had the 3/4 pound McHenry hamburger,  I asked for
medium rare, and I got medium rare.    My mouth is watering right now think about it.   I have to put
McHenry at the top of the list for great hamburgers!!  Definitely was one great tasting hamburger, and I
know it's enough to fill you up too!   It's always great meeting up with our buddies even though we're
down here in Williston, but it isn't that far from Gainesville.  Another great day of riding,  Great buddies,
beautiful sights, and yes satisfied appetites!!!  See you on the road����....
Mchenrys Sports Pub
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
We posted this ride on Let's Ride Gainesville, I tell you what, I love the weather down here in Florida, in
the winter time I enjoyed it! It isn't that it gets that cold here, so you always have a jacket and you can
layer, but I'll tell you what the summertime here..... you only can take off so much.  Now we went to
Gator Joe's located in Ocklawaha, Florida.  We have been here many of times, it's really a great place to
visit and you'll see a lot of motorcycles here, a lot of groups venture out to here, the food is good, and
they are quick with groups! The sites that you take in with the restaurant, back decks, water and colorful
building are really cool.  Well we met up with her Buddies Let's Ride Gainesville at the Circle K CR- 18
and US 441, we had our route all planned out but we had to deviate from it just a little bit, there was an
accident and it was going to be a while before we could pass by on 314-A.  Once we got the Gator Joe's
we also met up with some of our buddies from our toy hauler group.  We enjoyed our ride there, enjoy
being with everybody and having a pretty nice day.  One of us dropped their phone into the water, but
Don had shorts on and recovered it, lucky she had a Samsung 8 they're waterproof only for like three or
four feet, her phone still working.  Meanwhile we had conversations going on between the three tables.  
Soon it was time for us to head back home.  My take on Gator Joe's, it's definitely a restaurant that you
need to check out until next time see you guys on the road����...
Our video of the trip
Gator Joe's Bar & Grill
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
This ride Marcia, and I made and posted it on Let's Ride Gainesville.   Well when we heard that
Gainesville HD, our hometown Harley-Davidson shop was having it's  27th birthday bash of course we
want to go, but we also want to have a little bit of a ride in to get our riding fix in.   Well we ended up
making a route taking a bunch of little back roads, and enjoying the ride through the country.  Soon we
ended up at a restaurant in Lake Butler, the Simmer Down Restaurant and Grill, now one thing I got to
say about this restaurant, we have been here before, and they do have a buffet everyday except for
Saturday.  Unfortunately today was Saturday, I mean the food is good but when you have a big group
there is nothing like a buffet to get everyone in and back out quickly. Now once we ate we B-Lined it to
Gainesville Harley-Davidson.   Now when we got to Harley we seen a lot of our buddies, and we
enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Also seen one of our riding buddies Jody and we were sad to hear he
is moving back up north. They had the Shayne Rammler Band cranking out the tunes, so I took some
video of them, and used their music on this video, and I thank them for that!   We're still at Williston
Crossing with the toy hauler, soon I'll have a web page of Williston Crossing with all the trips we made
from here including this one with all the videos, all the pictures, maps, and links to the places we've
been while here visiting, and possibly GPX files that you can download into your bike.  Happy 27th
Birthday to Gainesville HD!!!... See you on the road!!����...
Simmer Down Restaurant & Gainesville HD 27th B-Day
Our video of the trip
Our video of the trip
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
This ride Marcia, and I made and posted it on Let's Ride Gainesville.  Eaton's Beach, this is another one
of those neat restaurants, rustic look  inside, but it's also very beachy.  On this video we are still at
Williston Crossing and we're just making a web page of all the different places restaurants etc to visit
while here at the RV resort.  We made two different trips here, one was just the four of us, next one was
with a pretty nice size group with Let's Ride Gainesville.  I got to say my favorite meal is their pastrami,
man is it good, has my mouth watering right now thinking about it!  One thing that I have learned with
visiting this place you need to get here early because parking gets filled up fast I mean they have
plenty of parking but when the main parking lot fills up you got to walk about a hundred and fifty yards
from the other parking spots but they do have an oversize golf cart to take you back and forth.   I tell you
what, I enjoyed walking around and taking in the sights this place is really nice, downstairs they have
like a steamer bar you can get food there I don't think as much as upstairs at the main restaurant with
the variety.  Upstairs or down stairs has a nice view of the beach Beach!   you need to check out this
place they also have a little bar upstairs and downstairs and they do sell shirts because Marcia bought
herself a nice shirt from there.   I didn't hear any complaints about the food.   You do need to check out
their website for more information, I think they have some kind of music or entertainment playing
different times, it's really a neat place to check out, and swimming too!   This is one place we will
always come back to, and that's our take on Eaton's Beach.... See you on the road����....
Eaton's Beach Weirsdale, FL
Then all of a sudden....everything changed!!  This song kept coming to my mind was... Bye Bye American Pie and the words
of that song......... The Day the Music Died....  Now it is a different type of riding.  Looking for picnic tables etc...
We will Overcome!!!!!!!
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
It's a different type of ride right now, for us we figured with all the places you got to always  wash your
hands all the time! We decided we're going to start looking for places to have a picnic!  Now you're
probably like me, yesterday when we rode using hand sanitizer to put fuel in the bikes, using hand
sanitizer every time I open the door because we had some supplies to get so more doors to have
contact with. I used hand sanitizer so much I was wondering what my blood alcohol was??? Well we
ended up exploring all these little roads that we have not been on a few of them, we found one place
Waccasassa Park Boat Ramp which is located very west end of Highway 326. Now this is a pretty Scenic
Place, we plan on making a picnic trip here one day. We went to some other places around Crystal
River. Fort Island Beach now the sign said closed, but I seen people out there some in the water, if we
went there I'm sure we probably get runoff so we have cross that one off of our list. At the same time
we found another place at the end off hwy 44, they have a few picnic tables. On the last part of the video
we are at Steinhatchee Falls, we tried making this trip about a year-and-a-half ago when it was just me
and Marcia riding, it involved a dirt road but there was this giant mud puddle and we didn't try to cross!  
Well today we decided to take the truck and explore and see if we could make it down there and what
these Falls look like, they have about five picnic tables a porta-john and some trails to walk, neat place
for a picnic but it's about a 1.1 mile of dirt road with gravel on it but a real neat site to see and I have no
hesitation on riding my motorcycle there. Well when we go ride the only contact for us should be a
rubber gloves or hand sanitizer when touching the gas pumps and going into a store for our picnic
supplies . See you guys on the road
Dealing With Coronavirus
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
Our video of the trip
This was our last motorcycle ride while staying at Williston Crossing RV Resort. It's been about 1 month
ago.  This Coronavirus changes everything, the way you fuel up, no more buffets, carrying hand
sanitizer, Clorox wipes, gloves and don't touch your face!!������  We took a little ride to Homosassa
Springs, stopped by Margarita Grill, some picked up take out food, others had picnic baskets. Found
tables by the Harley shop and ate, then to the Ozello Trail, quick stop at the end then home.... ����......
Homosassa Springs Picnic Ride
Our video of the trip
I hope you guys have enjoyed our rides.   I pray these places will be able to
reopen.  Before leaving we did check one more place out.  Steinhatchee Falls,
we took the truck on this one because a few years back we tried to explore it on
motorcycles and there were some deep mud puddles.  We realize since it didn't
rain in a while it would have been no problem on the bikes. Here is a quick video
clip we made. Pretty much what I call a hidden Gem I've heard it this place a long
time ago finally I got to see it! If you are interested in more of our trips we have
here is the link:
Google Photo
Google Photo
Google Photo
I had to put this on our web page of Williston Crossing RV Resort.  Click on the yellow
Our very first RV trip was here to Williston Crossing a few years back when we got
our first rv, a Raptor Toyhauler.  Biggest mistake I ever made!!!  Why because this
was our first trip RVing, we thought all rv parks should be like Williston Crossing, We
learned quick......
Also one more note, I will be adding to this page of some neat areas near the
crossing that we did not check out but heard of.... Stay tuned!!
where are your
buddies located at??