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West Virginia 2018
West Virginia Toy Hauler Part 1 2018
Well we're still here in Bushnell we have caught up with our videos and pictures of our rides here we will be
posting a video of our Sunday ride we have already posted our pictures. With the time we have here it gives
me a chance to work on our West Virginia trip here is our first day in West Virginia that we rode this is really
Marcia's first time making a trip with her trike she is in explorer mode, somehow we got off route ended up
on some of these very small roads at one point I wanted to turn around the road was set up for traffic in both
directions but looked only wide enough for one car a lot of these roads we're very curvy with hills and you
could not see if anything was coming but the scenery what's great we ended up in a little town call Paint
Bank and we ate at The Swinging Bridge restaurant which is very interesting they have a lot of things to look
at some beautiful scenery in this area even saw three deer, and now we know dear do poop in a field we
saw it...����...
West Virginia Toy Hauler Part 2 2018
Well today we checked out another Harley-Davidson shop we left Brushcreek Falls RV Resort and headed
north, now remember when I say today I am really speaking of a trip we did a couple months ago. Our first
destination was New River Gorge Bridge, let me tell you that baby is up there, matter of fact we crossed it
twice but the first time we crossed it we headed over to New River Gorge Harley-Davidson yes we got a poker
chip then we took some small back roads they were in good condition. There is a small Bridge on Fayette
Station Road which is very cool and also crosses the New River but you can see the New River Gorge Bridge
in the background we took a few pictures here after leaving here some of the roads where a little challenging
small roads, very curvy as you rose higher. We stopped at a little bar restaurant call Dorsey's Hog Tails. The
folks here were pretty cool it was good, and this is where I learned not to trust my phone radar I told
everybody we don't need rain gear it looks good....... wrong! We still had some nice roads going back to
the RV and went through an unusual town the way it was laid out, a neat sight to see. Soon we were back at
our campground, but this campground is a little different than any other we've been at so far more on that
later. Here are the pictures and I hope to have the video out of this day Tuesday night we will see����...
West Virginia Toy Hauler Trip Part 3 & 4 2018
Well this is part 3, which is a total of 2 days riding, first day we ate a little hot dog restaurant called Spike's Dog
House in Roderfield, West Virginia. Had some beautiful little country roads and went through some of the
mining towns we ended up visiting Pinnacle Rock they sure have some nice roads up here. On day 2 we did the
Back of the Dragon which again beautiful views, I never knew they had so many parts of the Dragon when it
was all said and done we ended up exploring little town call Tazewell, VA where we also ate at the restaurant
Seven, really was a very cool town to check out...
West Virginia Toy Hauler Trip Part 5 2018
This is part 5 of our West Virginia toy hauler trip another nice day at least in the beginning we headed over to
Beckley, West Virginia to the coal mine. Nice ride going through some real back country roads the kind that I
kept thinking were going to turn to dirt but they didn't had a great tour at the coal mine then headed back with a
quick stop at a beautiful Buffet then we got a little rain on the way home... another great day! we just finished
uploading the video for this trip will will link the video tomorrow ����....
West Virginia Part 6 (2018)
We're getting closer and closer to the final days of our West Virginia trip. Our first stop was Cole Harley-
Davidson which is a big dealership and it's kind of spread out too. From here we had some nice back roads that
followed the river for quite a while and ended up in a town called The Narrows there we ate at Anna's
Restaurant the food was good neat looking little town then we proceeded to our waterfall. The main path to the
waterfall was closed we didn't have time to do the other path so then we headed back to camp. We already
did a video of this and it's the first time I scheduled for a video to come on at 6 p.m. tomorrow on our YouTube
channel,we'll see how that works, I will link it to Facebook. Only one more day of riding what I recall����...
West Virginia Part 7 2018
Starting to wrap up our West Virginia trip this was the last bit of pictures for our last ride it was Burke's Garden,
man this place is beautiful, Some really nice roads and beautiful views defiantly will be back to West
Virginia to check it all out! This was the first RV resort that had a dirt track and racing, just added to the whole
experience, just now have finished our video with the campground Brushcreek Falls RV resort, still playing
catch up have the whole Bushnell, FL trip to make before our California trip coming up .... later ����....
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