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The Crab Plant
Crystal River  1/28/2017
Our meet place in Gainesville
by Subway and Home Depot.
David & Dorma came all the way
from Chiefland to join us today....
Now I know this is Millhopper
Road, I love that road...
Here we're going through
Archer we were on 41 and we
made a right right by the
Mustang Grill and taking the
back road 241
Again 241 just outside of Archer
heading south
Still heading south but now
we're on 19 and 98 not too far
from Crystal River..
At the end of this road is the
Crab Plant, we definitely will be
going back to this place, it's
pretty neat!
Everybody ahead of us is
starting to park now and back
the bikes in..
Well we're at the Crab Plant this
place looks nice and I notice all
their steam plates are with a
whole pound of choice to meet
one side Oh Yeah
Will have more pictures of the
place but we're looking right
across to the Dive Center and I
think one of the other
restaurants we have been to a
few times
Okay it's getting time to feed see
Thought I'd get a couple
pictures outside while waiting
on my food
Just don't understand how we
missed these places nice job
Karen nice find....
Love the scenery of this place!
Walking out by the docks..
And this is the entrance they
also have a seafood store next
This picture kind of speaks for
I notice a lot of people ended up
getting the peel and eat shrimp
it filled me up and it was good!!!
Bill and Chris waiting on their
shrimp... probably talking about
LOL I'm ready to do it again!!
Yep we flew the drone today we
got a few pictures and Wayne
flew his drone too..
Really on the other side looking
out of the restaurants window's
you can see Crackers..
Well we're adding all of the
pictures, these are the ones with
the Drone and after I get all the
GoPro Pro pictures in I'll have to
go back and put them in order...
In the center of the picture a little
bit to the right that's our line of
bikes parked...
One of those buildings on the
other side is Cracker's...
Okay one last drone picture and
I did get a little video but I'm so
far behind with making videos
it's probably going to take
another week or two before I
make this video stay tuned.
Getting ready to leave the Crab
David & Dorma
Chris getting ready
Wayne and Karen getting ready
to ride
I also have taken this picture quite a few times just has one of those looks that I
Our last stop in Williston saying our good byes...
Until our next adventure....... see you on the road!
Well I hope you enjoyed our web page to this trip.  Those
that usually follow on our Facebook page we put this up
as we go, to make it here on the website it seems to take
a lot longer but I'm sure it reaches a lot more people and
with the map that we made if you open it on your phone
it will show you the map and you can zoom into any road
street and see the street view, and it shows where
you're at almost as good as a GPS
Barry getting ready
I think Bill is talking about the
one that got away...
The food was great, I got my fill!!
There's Karen she made this
ride and found this place for our
Let's Ride Gainesville ride..
The Crab Plant kind of reminds
me of the Freezer that's in
finnished with our meal.....riding
Leaving Crystal River looking
forward to our ride home!
Yes this was a great find Karen!!
Just taking pictures on the way
On the way back we were on
Hwy 41 always a nice ride....
I have taken this picture almost
every time I have gone by....
Once again we'll try adding a few pictures as we go
but most all the pictures will be there later on
tonight. Well it's later in the night.......This was
another LRG ride, this one Karen found our
restaurant and made our route, again only thing
missing was Marcia...... Food was great, found
another place with great prices and great views.
Always a pleasure with our buddies!!!
With the paragraph below remember this is coming
right off of our Facebook page as we are making
the trip lots of times.  This makes it easier when we
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