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The Beach
Ocala, FL 2016
The Beach 5/14/2016

Karen posted this ride on Let's Ride Gainesville, she pick some really nice country roads, the only thing missing today was Marcia & ED both had to work today. On the first part of the ride we past through the
Zucchini Festival in Windsor. The Beaches, we have passed this place many a times and a few people that were with us they mention the same thing. They've seen this place over the years, at least the building
that is, so today we checked it out. Definitely has a nice atmosphere and the food was good they had a half pound hamburger that I went after with homemade french fries. Tony and Vicky Surprise us today when
we pulled up there was Tony up on the front porch watching us park, always great seeing them. The temperature is starting to get a little bit on the warm side we are always ridding all year, but In the
Summertime it is hot! After our meal and everybody cutting up it was time to head back home. Again through some nice little country roads and our last stop was in Archer where we said our final goodbyes.
Another nice day, good food, with great friends! Will see you guys on the road……….. later