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This is our introduction video of  
Medina Highpoint RV Resor
Nice little route
made by Karen
great place to eat
Marcia found this
route lots of
country and
some neat roads
Texas Hill Country 2018
Welcome to our Texas Hill Country web page which is about our toy hauler trip from Alachua Florida Medina Highpoint RV Resort Medina Texas, Hills that is!! We put links to most of the places that we visited
we have a few GPX maps, they're of our route we took remember sometimes we're not exactly in the right spot by the road with our way point when you come across these errors you will have to skip a
waypoint because it will make you turn and then turn right back around and get on the road because the waypointe is off of the road a little.  We also have a Google map so you can click on that street view all
the tools with the internet check and out our route, if you have Facebook you should be able to see all the photo albums and comments made if you do not have Facebook I know you should be able to see  
pictures I'm just not sure if you can see the comments. We had a blast on this trip and we hope you enjoy our trip here it is
Below are the videos of
our trip, just two
Part one & Part two
Next time and suggested!
Next time and suggested!
Enchanted Rock