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Tarpon Spring
Overnight Trip 2/11/2017
You know here Marcia and I are
only about a mile and a half for
our house look at the sun here,  
man what a beautiful day for a
road trip
Karen and Marcia and you can
feel the excitement everybody's
ready to ride right now we're at
our usual meeting place for day
Rye by Home Depot and
Subway off of 441 in Gainesville
Here we stopped at Crystal
River what a different day it is
Here I had grabbed a little video
with the girls everybody's
happy we're having a good time
Ed, Tony, and Jim the Racetrack
in Crystal River this is one of
our meeting spots we probably
are about halfway
Okay we're on one of the toll
roads it may be slow with the
bikes paying for the toll but man
there is no traffic and stop lights
it's definitely the way to go
Tarpon Springs kind of getting a
little hungry too neat little town
What can I say they all got my
Well we're at the restaurant right
now I took about 35 minutes
ago soon as we get our food will
be walking around checking out
the town.
I think this is because I took of a
picture of him at the bakery Or
to think about it most times I
take Tony's picture I think he
has eye problems he's always
rubbing that eye!
And the newlyweds are with us!!!
Well Michaels thinking about it
And of course Tony's getting
very serious
Love the scenery of this place!
And here is our crew soon as
we get our food and start eating
we're ready for the adventure
Now when you see this picture
we have left Tarpon Springs and
we're on our way to Be Bine
Brewery hey man we're thirsty
Just part of a ride
I'm thirsty — at de Bine Brewing
Hey we're having a great time
can you tell?  This picture kind
of speaks for itself
Here is Karen with her son
Vince who is it is one of the
Taking the tour
LOL I'm ready to do it again!!  
Alright we seen how it's made
now to see what it taste like and
all the smiling faces life is good.
We checked into the hotel got a
pretty nice room and one great
view  for the balcony
Just walking around taking a
few pictures
Man what a nice view from the
You know I could order pizza
and just spent my time sitting at
the balcony looking at this View
Alright things are getting pretty
serious here it is that time to
feed no messing around here
Here at Longhorns now the
waiting time is 45 minutes don't
get it
So now we're going to try
That's good alright we're getting
desperate here we are in need
of food this is about  a mile
down the road, I love Tiffany's!!!
Okay we're ready
The other side of the restaurant
okay that's enough I got to go
they got bread Tony's got it
right now, and I want a piece....
Well I hope you enjoyed our web page to this trip.  Those
that usually follow on our Facebook page we put this up
as we go, to make it here on the website it seems to take
a lot longer but I'm sure it reaches a lot more people and
with the map that we made if you open it on your phone
it will show you the map and you can zoom into any road
street and see the street view, and it shows where
you're at almost as good as a GPS
Then it was back to the hotel  
Everybody got back together
and it was storytelling night
Everybody brought their adult
Then it was time to call it a night
great day riding, great friends,
great food, great beer, and great
sites to take in..
Well it's Sunday morning what A
View to wake up to
Definitely not the biggest
breakfast but enough hold us to
that time to feed
In a very short while will be back
on the road and more pictures
to come yeah
Finished breakfast and taking a
walk exploring a little bit before
we take off looking back at the
motel walking down to Canal
Yes this was a great trip Karen,
thanks!  And there's my wife
Marcia man is she in her element
Everybody's getting their bikes
On the turnpike getting close to
getting off of it
Alright finally some nice back
Country Roads great weather
round 78 degrees
Yes sir time to feed you just
don't know all the emotion I put
in it when I say those words —
at Skeet's Smokehouse & Grill.
And they got ice cream thinking
about you Wayne Carlton — at
Skeet's Smokehouse & Grill.
And it's is the other part of the
One more group picture with
our food
Still in Beverly Hills just outside
of the restaurant everybody
saying their goodbyes this is
our last stop
The last picture I'm putting into this photo album it was a
great trip Karen!  She planned this for Let's Ride
Gainesville, I think everybody had fun, I think we need to
do these a little more often, we are home now
unpacking, this will now will close out the album Tarpon
Springs 2017  on our Facebook page., hope you guys
enjoyed it see on the road...
Our Hotel Room
You know there's
something about road
trips even though this
one was just for one
night you look
forward to it and
excitement builds and
then you get up with
your buddies  and
you have fun here's
our trip, for more
pictures check out
our Facebook Page!!