Tarpon Spring, FL
Overnighter 2014
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
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Let's Ride Gainesville
This was another great getaway. Another Let’s Ride Gainesville ride, everybody’s excited and ready to ride.
The ride down was quick since we used the toll road. Next thing I know we were downtown Tarpon Springs eating at Yianni’s and
having a drink, then departing dock on a neat tour boat heading to the Gulf.
We approached an island and they lowered a nice gangway and off we were. Now time to explore, we only had 30 minutes to check it
out. I would have liked to walk over to the lighthouse but there is no way we could do it within 30 minutes.  On the ride over we were
headed into the wind, so on the way back we had the wind with us and it sure was warmer.
We bought our tickets here, for the boat tour and the meal before we left.
We will be back here after the boat tour.  This is where they have the museum which we checked out.
Just started out on the river.  Neat little picture of a shrimp boat docked.
Group picture, yes that is us.  We are in explore mode.  Like I said in the video, I wish I could have had a few hours here to do some
exploring.  The lighthouse was not too far away in the distance.
Back at the dock we started exploring Tarpon Springs. After an hour or so we loaded up on our bikes and headed to our motel. After
we unpacked, our restaurant was within walking distance, so off we went. We ate at Chilies, the food was good and it was Happy
Hour, drinks were good too. We had a blast again, lots of laughing and storytelling, the night was going fast. Finally it was time we
headed back to the motel, and we got together by the pool for the rest of the night.
Plenty of sponges for sale.  This is what mainly made Tarpon Springs famous.
Sunday morning time to head home, first stop was Roadies Restaurant for breakfast and it was great! Now it was time for some nice
back roads heading back home. Wow I took a lot of video of this trip, but with great disappointment, I somehow had hit manual focus on
my cam corder which made it out of focus not just with most of my video but also with most of my pictures while we were riding using
the cam corder, on the way home we had some great back roads and I was taking pictures and video right and left not knowing they
were all out of focus, now we will have to make that ride again so we can capture the neat countryside. I was really looking forward to
watching the video clips and looking at the pictures. Our last stop was in Ocala at the Harley Davidson where we said our goodbyes….
Until next time see you on the road.