Sweet Southern Tour 2013
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Marcia's Article
Marcia always writes an article of our big trips.  I am slipping in my job of seeing who will publish it.  I waited long
enough and though that we will just post this article on our website.  In reality the article is probably too long for a
magazine, also check the video of the trip out later it is at the top of this page.  Also please vote so we can see what
you guys like.    Hope you enjoy.  
We always
make a Time
Line of the
trip, doesn't
mean we will
stick to it.
I always save my videos of our trips as two different videos, one with music one without music.  Today this
paid off because the sound track was removed from our originally video.  We have remade it; it is the same
video except for the music which we got from You Tube under their help topics.  Also I think the Caverns
are now closed, if your are planning to do this trip call the caverns to check with them.