Sunglasses & Gator Joe's
Michel Marcia
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Sunglasses & Gator Joe's
This was another nice day to ride with LRG, the weather was great had our buddies with us and we took some of nice back roads and headed on down to Market of Marion, the flea market where we always buy
our sunglasses. We had a couple that joined us for the ride down and soon as we got to the flea market they headed back home. Well I never seen these sunglasses before but this time I got myself a pair of
sunglasses that are mirror shades, and have built-in readers you can't tell looking at me that they have built in readers. Wow the traffic was something else we came in the road just to the south of the flea market
on to US 441, they must have had some kind of accident up there it took forever and traffic was heavy on our turning lane, next time just to be on the safe side I'll take the first highway before US 441 and head
north and come around so that I entered the flea market from the north. First person we seen pulling into the parking lot with Vickie and then Tony great seeing them guys always. Leaving the flea market we
headed south to highway 42 then we headed north around the northwest side of the lake and headed over to Gator Joe's I will put a Google map where you click on it and no show or exactly the route we took, I'll
put it in there underneath the comments. Gator Joe's is always a nice place to visit food is good and our waiter told me that they had all you can eat fish on Friday I meant to ask him if that's during the day too or
if it's just night! The ride home will we didn't beeline on it, we ended up heading to 314A and had a nice ride through the forest then we took 326 to Baseline and eventually got to 200 and then 301 said our
goodbyes at 301 and 318 and finished our ride off, another great day with our buddies. See you on the road next time
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