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St. John's River Grille
Alright this is where our ride
started off, and Marcia is with
us today A little cooler today
I got a new camera and I'm
already having issues,  I'm still
learning how to interface my
phone with my new camera,
Our buddy Bill from Bainbridge
Georgia was down working at a
job site he decided to come on
over and see us off, I wish he
could have made the ride with
us today..... next time Bill
It was nice and cool today I
don't think it ever broke 55
degrees started getting a little
bit colder later on in the day
heading home as the sun was
going down
A lot of you probably know this
site right here we're on Highway
40 getting ready to cross the
Ocklawaha River I believe it is
Still on the bridge just getting
the shot at what's behind me
This is a familiar stop Highway
40 and 314 a this is where we
met up with Tony and Vicki took
a little break everybody was
saying hi then it was that time
again back on the road heading
on 314a
Remember I am titling these on
Facebook as we go....Looks like
I'm going to put more pictures
tonight a little bit of a technical
user problem problems
Sure was great seeing Tony and
Vicky again it's been awhile....
about time
Now lot of you know this road,
we took 314a and then we got
off of it on the left side there's
another neat little road that we
took that runs back into 314a a
few miles down the road, not
very far from where we take
182nd Avenue
Me and Marcia have been here
years ago, Different ownership,
they did a nice job here you
have your own motorcycle
parking and then you got the
dock's right here and it's also an
rv park, we didn't really check
that out too much.
This is also where we met our
other Bill from Saint Cloud
Florida great seeing you again...
Another view of the docks here
Then there's our buddy Tony
with Marcia, you almost have to
dedicate a camera to Tony, he's
always going to do something
as you will see in the next
couple of pictures
Here we go..... Tony is at it
Tony is alright he's always
given us a laugh
Bill and aka the junior Ranger
discussing how to peel shrimp
Ed still at it
I think that Vickie is trying to
ignore me
Well in this picture we have just
finished eating that's Bill on the
left... couple pictures of the
bikes before we take off
I remember years ago before we
got into bikes we used to be
boating down this River all the
Yes sir we broke the drone out
today, I still get that feeling
especial when I go over water,
that might be the last time I will
see the drone
But I gotta say it really takes
some nice pictures
Here you can see our bikes
And here's a picture of the
group before we took off, I hope
to make a little video the next
day or two of this trip trying to
figure out how to make them
quicker we'll see
The route we took home, we
tried to keep that interesting to,
we avoided DeLand and made it
all the way to Highway 40
Like I said, taking some of these
back roads they're always well
You know the radios cranked
up.... just enjoying this.
of course most of us have cb
radios, so we always have some
kind of conversation going on it
can be very interesting...
After these back roads it was
pretty much just a straight run
heading west on Highway 40
going through the forest
Once again we come back to the Kangaroo Station on 40 and 314a where we
met up with Tony and Vicki, now everybody tops off with fuel and we're all
saying our goodbyes...... time to point them home
You don't see these VW buses very much seen two of them at this gas station
Pretty much brings us to the end of our trip what a great day, everybody was
dressed warm, it's just great get out and riding again, you know what,
tomorrow we're going to do it again see you on the Road
Well I hope you enjoyed our web page to this trip.  Those
that usually follow on our Facebook page we put this up
as we go, to make it here on the website it seems to take
a lot longer but I'm sure it reaches a lot more people and
with the map that we made if you open it on your phone
it will show you the map and you can zoom into any road
street and see the street view, and it shows where
you're at almost as good as a GPS