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St. George Overnight
Trip 10/21/2017
Raceway in Alachua this is
where our trip started it
was great meeting up with
Here is Wayne and Karen
all ready to go
Jenna Marcia Leland and
Junior Ranger AKA Ed
Rocky's we stopped here
with the bikes and we also
stopped here with the toy
hauler great stop
They do have quite a few
interesting things here at
Rockies plenty of fishing
and hunting gear
Still at the same spot
Mayo at the stoplight
looking behind
We had nice weather the
whole trip did need a
jacket on the way over for
a while
Yes the radio is cranked up
Neat little town of Mayo
they also have a good little
Country Buffet here
Our Junior Ranger
wasting no time dealing
what is important
I got to say you don't hear
too much talking when the
food is good
After full bellies it was
time to get our picture
I wish they had a website
but they do have a
Facebook page
I like this place think it
was part of an old Shipyard
Hey I know Barry if it
worked he would have
been making something
Now this is where the road
gets very nice to get to
see the water it's beautifu
I know I have taken many
a pictures of this stretch
of road
Had to go over another
Bridge I tried to pretend
they're just big Hills it kind
of works
Here's Vicky and Tony
with Glenn doing his
spectacular photobomb
And here we have Barry
trying to present the look
of Innocence
And Jenna Marcia and I
The roads here after
Rocky can be very long
and very straight
Savannah's Buffet this is
only a few miles from St
Marks we love this place
great for a group too and
the food is good
This was a very slow pace
easy-going ride
The entrance into St
George Island
Our rooms were not ready
yet no problem we
resolved that
Of course I had to go
across the big hill again
Then we sat at the very
end on the side of the pool
had a couple adult
beverages and just kick
back with everybody
We walked over to Harry
A's got something to eat I
had to prime rib
That prime rib was the
rarest I ever had it so was
Junior Ranger and Chris's
Yep Tony and Vicki are
there and yes they got us
You could see all kinds of
PTO's running through the
shop in the overhead with
leather belts
Soon it was time for us to
check in at the motel
Everybody Parked their
Finally got to meet my
Facebook buddy Chris and
his wife Marilyn
Some of us went in the
pool I was one of the
You get enough to eat boo
boo ?
Nice place to visit and we
definitely will be coming
back on more trips
I always love getting
pictures of our flag
I finally had mine sent
back and cooked a little
more so did my buddies
We didn't stick around
long for the band every
time I've been here I
enjoyed the band except
for this time
This gives you the
impression that you're in
side but you're not you're
What happened it's
Sunday morning already
We just got to feed Wayne
(Boo Boo) and Glen we
walked over to the
There's our buddies all
with smiley faces
I went over this bridge 4
times...  whoops a big hill I
think it's working
This is a neat little stop
and what makes it
unusual across the street
is where we take our toy
hauler and Camp
I think every trip going
through Carrabelle I take
this picture but I didn't
take the smallest police
apartment picture this time
Going through the world
Capital worm grunting
It's always cool seeing
other groups of bikes out
doing the same thing
we're doing
Unfortunately this is pretty
much the end of our trip
until the next one though
Savannah's Country Buffet