put your feet down
on St. George Island
12th annual
We have been waiting for this trip for awhile.  I think it has been 3 or 4 months since we did a trip that we could put on our site.  Put
your feet down on St. George Island is one trip we have made a few times before, and we always have had a great time, and again
we did this time.  This is a trip that Bruce, Ralph, and Bonnie came up with a while back, (2 Pricks & a Chick).  This time it was the
12th annual trip for Put your feet down on St. George Island.  Our last trip we made Marcia and I did great during the day but when
evening came we were party-ed out.  Not this time we made sure.
This is where the excitement of the trip starts.   Publix by Hwy 241 and SR 26 in Gainesville for the meet.  Little groups scattered about
talking making new friends etc..   This year Mike and Dirk rode with us. We expected more of our friends to go with us but for one
reason or another they just could not make it.   I hope next year they can.  The weather most of the week has been rain,  I expected to
be soaked on the ride over and back but the weather turned out great.
Marcia talking to Mike and
Dirk on the left and Ralph
getting everybody's
attention to discuss the trip
on the right.
We had groups from
Jacksonville, and Ocala
make the event.  I'm sure
there were many of you
from the surrounding area.
Our first stop, wow we did have a bit of a line with bikes.  Total of 3 stops.  The next two pictures below are of the 2nd and 3rd
stops.  I personally enjoy the trip the best when we hit highway 98 and start seeing the water.
At this point every one is checked in and have had their lunch.  Now cooling off and enjoying our margaritas, etc...  Water was just right,
not like that cold shock.  The ocean is only about a hundred yards from here.  Picture of the ocean below.  The water there was a little
Here we are at the Blue Parrot, I think most  of us ate here.  It is right next door to the Buccaner.  After finishing our meal we decided
to do some exploring on foot.  Our first stop is Fire House No.9 pictures below
The first thing that got our attention is the band playing on this big flat bed trailer.  The name of the band was Ride and Roll.  Pretty
neat sitting outside enjoying the weather haveing a beer or two at the picnic tables while listing to the band play.
Time to move on exploring.  In between songs we could hear some more music playing.  So we headed that way.  The music was
coming from Harry A's, another restaurant & bar.  We ended spending the rest of the night here.  They also had a great band
playing.  Harry A's was pretty neat outdoor bar with a high privacy fence surrounding the area.
Inside HarryA's left, is a  picture
of the bar area, right side
picture, is of the resturant
where we had breakfast on
Sunday morning.  One note
they do not open until 8 am, we
just did have time to eat and get
back for a group picture in front
of the Buccaner.  One thing I did
notice as you can see on the
right the menues are very large.
That morning
eating breakfast it
was neat just
looking at all the
hanging on the
wall.  Here is a
picture of one of
Sister Hazel's  
guitar.  Breakfast
was good.  The trip
and weekend were
great, and we are
looking forward to
next year.   Now it
was time to enjoy
the ride home.
Our group picture.  Below is the picture of everyone lining up for the police escort leaving St. George Island.  From here there were 3
stops, 2 gas stops, and one final stop that Marcia and I did not make at the Goose Nest restaurant just out side of Fort White this time, I
am sure it still is the same as was in the past great home cooking buffet.  Until next time ride safe, JUST GET OUT AND RIDE......
Michel Marcia
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