Steinhatchee &
Keaton Beach 2013
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
This ride was posted on
Let's Ride Gainesville
This morning we started out from
Gainesville Harley Davidson. Karen had
to have here bike serviced, so we meet
up there. I know Karen missed having
her bike especially when I took some
video of Ed and her on the road riding,
she probably was thinking this isn't
right. Karen and Ed posted this ride on
Let’s Ride Gainesville. We took some
neat little roads, had a nice route there
and back.
Our first stop was in Steinhatchee, at Roy's Restaurant. I
am sure Ed & I really confused our server. We are into
volume, and we ask all these question, can you get
double meat here, exactly how many shrimp come with
that, how big is the fish, what’s your special, if we were
very very very hungry what do you suggest? I never
forget a couple of weeks ago Ed asked how big the prime
rib was, and our waitress said it was big and she could
just finish it, (she was petite) Ed just said that settles that,
what else do you have?
Today I had the fish basket & the shrimp
basket, still was cheaper that the shrimp
dinner. Roy's has good food and a great view of
the river. We enjoyed our meal, Glenn needed
to head back so he left us, and we continued to
explore, next stop was Keaton Beach.
We are always exploring for the future, and we all thought this would be a great place to ride to in the summer and go swimming and
have some food at Keaton Beach Hotdog Stand. After walking on the pier,  we welcomed some hot coffee at the hot dog stand. Our
waitress was cool; she seemed like one of us. We did spend a little time there talking to us and having a good time too.
Well again it was cold enough you could wear your chaps, and we did. But it beats the summer heat anytime! Now it was time to head
back home. Enjoyed the ride home. We said our good-bye's at Gainesville HD, then preceded home. Here I am in front of the computer
thinking, man the day when by fast! At the same time I am wondering where are we going next!