St. Augustine
Overnight trip 2013
Michel Marcia
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Isn’t if funny when you plan a trip especially a motorcycle trip that from that moment on, all time is gauged by that trip, oh 2 weeks
before the trip we are going to do this, or 5 days after our trip we do this.  We have made several trips to St. Augustine, but it has
been awhile since we spent the night.  On our trip over we had like 26 people with us eating at Hurricane Patty’s, two did not make
it at the time because of a broken drive belt on their bike,  after the meal 2 or 3 left us to head back home.  Our first stop before the
motel was for some adult beverages, then onto the motel.
It was neat seeing on the check-in counter a welcome sign for Michel & Marcia’s Motorcycle Trips.  Soon as we checked in we
headed to the pool with an adult beverage.  It did start to rain a little and the wind picked up for a few minutes, but most
everybody stayed in the pool, it was refreshing.  
Inside Hurricane Patty's located in St. Augustine, FL
Days Inn the historic district about 7/10 of a mile from down town
Barnacle Bill's
Outside of Trade Winds, getting ready to go inside, we did spend a lot of time here, the band was
good forgot the name you will see it in the video we made.  Had a lot of fun, this is also where
most headed back to the motel to call it a night.
Our last stop was Meehan Irish Pub,  they had a one man band playing he sounded great, judging
by the picture above you can realize he sounded awesome later that night.  We had a lot of fun
here and wished all of our buddies were with us.  That is not all of the shot glassed, there were
many more.  We walked back to our motel after this.  The next morning we ate at the motel, then
one last adventure into Old St. Augustine, then we headed to Hwy A1A and went south to the
Matanzas Inlet Restaurant, the weather was really looking bad so I did not expose any cameras
on the way there.  Defiantly a place for you to check out.  The food was great.  It rained while we
were here.  We said our goodbyes to Tony and Vickie and headed home.  Somehow we dogged
all of the rain.