Starke Bike Fest 2013
Michel Marcia
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Let's Ride Gainesville
Stiff upper Lip
out of Tampa
Once again  Starke Bike Fest came up fast.  Also once again I did not spend the night there.  One year I will, and when I do I will have my buddies
from Let's Ride Gainesville, and like always it will be interesting.  Marcia was working again.   Let's Ride Gainesville had posted the ride and I was
ready to go.  In the video you will see it does not start off in Starke.   I got a motorcycle and I am going to take a nice little ride even though rain
was threating.  To me the ride is as important as the destination.   Marcia could only follow with what I was posting on Facebook along with our
friends.  The rain held off and I enjoyed hearing Stiff Upper Lip play.  There were more bands playing I wish I could have checked it all out, but
with just the couple hours I had enjoyed what I could take in.  I have put links above, and more pictures of our ride and Starke Bike Fest.   Also
when this event is going Knuckle Draggers always seems busy.  My final stop was
Thunder Music Park I checked it out and also they had some
of the new Harley Davidsons there from Gainesville HD,  so I got my first look, next bike will be the Ultra I think.  I thank the City of Starke for
putting the Bike Fest on and hope they will continue.  See you there next year............