Smok'n Pig
Valdosta, GA 2013
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
This ride was posted on
Let's Ride Gainesville
This was another Let's Ride Gainesville Ride, posted by us Michel & Marcia.  We found some nice back roads.
You know when you have found them, when your having a blast then all of a sudden you realize your at your
destination. We did catch a little rain. Then the ride home was good too, did ride down a road or two I had not
been down. Now for the destination. The Smokn Pig, first thought was wow, the parking lot is full, and this is
going to take forever, wrong! They had a lot of people there, but this place is large, and the food was Great!
For a large group this works out good. They know how to get the food on the table for you and like I said its
good! Will make a have a map soon and show the Google map of the route we took.
Lately we have been getting a
little rain.  Not enough to stop us
riding, but at times gets us a little
wet.  Now we have not been
exploring much to the north and
north west of us, but that is
changing.  These roads were
nice, like I said above, you know
you have found some good roads
when all of a sudden you realize
we are at our destination!
This picture really says a lot.  First
thing you notice is we are in a nice
curve by seeing the road ahead
and looking in the mirror and
seeing the bikes leaning behind.  
You see I have a jacket on, so you
know it's not 90 something
degrees!  No gloves, thanks to
heated grips.  I do wear fingerless
gloves, gives me some protection,
and lets me push buttons on my
camera.  I love coffee and there it
is in my cup holder.  We have our
buddies with us.  We are Riding!!
I am ready to ride just looking at the pictures.  On big trips I carry maps, the GPS is nice.  What I
like about it I can spend hours at home looking at maps, double checking with Google Maps
with street view, is it a dirt road etc...  and make a nice custom route.  Then while riding and
filming I don't have to have my direction sheet, I just look down at the Gps.  The new Harley's
have some of the best looking GPS, best view of the screen in sun light.  They do need to
double the way points that you can put in.  I would think since this is new in a few more months
they would have information page with speed, time, to next, and all destinations.  I have mine
set on destination, but it always gives me the time and miles to the next turn.  Now I run an
extra GPS because I just paid $660.00 for it and didn't want to give it up with the trade in on the
new bike.  But it has come in handy and I am getting better with the HD GPS too.
I had spoke to John at the Smok'n Pig, and he told me to get
there before 12:30 and we would be fine.  When we pulled up
in the parking lot, all I could think is I should have allowed
more than an hour, we will never get fed and out of there for
awhile.  The food was great, the portions where good too.  
They got their game on!  Great staff, I think we were there for
40 minutes from the time we entered to the time we exited,
counting some talking time too.  Wow around 12:30 the
parking lot just about doubled!
Isn't that a nice country road above?  Well we had a great day of riding, then it was time to point the bikes south and head home.  You
know we are not just going to head home with out checking out some of these back roads.  Now with some of our long distance rides
we have to bee line, at times the Interstate is needed.  Not today.  I keep thinking back about 10 years ago, Marcia & I along with one
friends made a trip to Tybe Island.  We in our area followed Karen S home then preceded to our house.  We were at a red light, it was
getting dark, it was raining a misty rain.  I looked over at Marcia in her jacket, she turned and looked at me......  Where are we riding to
tomorrow.  We haven't even got home yet,  She has changed, she is even more intense now!  JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!
after watching the video below, check our latest video out of
our trip to
Smok'n Pig take two 8/3/2014