Sleepy Hollow
Michel Marcia
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Like I said in the video
I don't know why it
has taken so long for
us to check this place
out.  What a neat
place.  This is  the
kind of place you look
for to plan an
overnight trip to.  I will
be doing that soon.  It
really isn't that far
from Gainesville area
and a lot of other
This day I did not get to many pictures and video on the way down.  It was cold, I wore my fingerless
gloves with liners so I could work the buttons on the camera.  Only problem every time I grabbed the
camera it felt like it was going to slip out of my hands.
We just arrived High Noon!  Soon as I shut my engine off I could hear the band playing, what a welcome sound.  Once again what I am
always look for, one of those rustic looking restaurant by the water.  Wow to think about it I never made it inside.  I spent my time
listening to the band and walking around checking the place out and getting a few pictures now and then.  The food was great and the
price was right.
Neat looking,  Now in the back I notice a big fire pit and this was also the area that they had three or four vendors at.  Marcia just
bought some gloves , checking them out they had some rubber grips on the fingers, the gloves I was wearing did not, just very
slippery, so I also bought a pair sure do feel confidant about not dropping my camera now while riding.
One of my favorite times...... TIME TO FEED!!  Here is some of our group ordering, the rest are just checking the place out.  The food
was good,  where I am taking this picture the water is right behind me,  I noticed signs also for air boat rides.  The band is playing to
the left of the picture (out of the picture)
I don't think this picture may be in order or not.  This is our waitress and she was good, took care of us and was quick.  Before we left
this area was getting crowded.  You can see some of the river or lake in the back ground.  You can go on You Tube and get a few more
videos to give you more of a picture of Sleepy Hollow.
Parking lot is starting to fill up.  I kinda just like walking around and seeing what people have customized on their bikes.
I think we were here maybe 2 1/2 hours or so.  It was time to head home.  Now I had this neat little ride planed leaving Sleepy Hollow,
which we did.  Some neat little roads.  But I also had our return trip going through some horse country which all of us have ridden
before but I had put it all together to add to our day.  Unfortunately time was moving fast so at least we got some back roads from
Sleepy Hollow going south back to US 41, then we bee lined it home.   I put a link to Google Map we made of just the roads leaving
Sleepy Hollow at the top of this page.   Great Time WE WILL BE BACK!!!!
I put the short URL link so you could use your smart phone