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Singleton's Seafood Shack
Mayport, FL 2015
Singleton's Seafood Shack
Filmed 10/24/2015 Made 4/2/2016

Singleton's Seafood Shack is located in Mayport right next to the ferry station on the Southside of the Saint Johns River.  Food here was great I was expecting a little more with the portions but definitely a neat little restaurant to check
out. This ride was on let's ride Gainesville everybody met up it was a beautiful day and of course food was on our minds which made it even that much nicer.  We had a nice ride going through Keystone Heights, Penney Farms, and
the northern part of St. Augustine, then it was a nice cruise along the ocean and when we came into Jacksonville Beach we came into an airshow. We seen all the smoke trails and we could not figure out what was going on and very
soon we heard the roaring of the jets go by.  We got stuck in traffic for a while and that's where we caught a little bit of the show but shortly thereafter we started taking back roads and we realize something, everybody else was taking
back roads to it was kind of cool as we started getting out of traffic getting close to our approach to Mayport I saw this airplane flying, looks real small on the video, but looked pretty big when I seen the plane. As I was filling the plane,
I also saw this big buck to the right of me and I caught a glimpse of him in the camera real quick and that's in the video. Singleton's we got there at a good time, I was very concerned about the air show, was it going to be crowded? It
was kind of neat walking around and seeing what they had it was kind like a little museum in a way.  After our meal we took a neat little ferry ride, which went by pretty quick, then once again up the coast towards Fernandina Beach it
was pretty amusing when we stopped I wish I would have caught everything on video but Ed has this problem with touching the screen on his Harley, it’s a touch screen, but he doesn't want any finger prints on it, I remember one time
when I said well you got hit okay for the route touching it he did not like that.  When we stopped, and he went inside and we took a picture of everybody touching the screen, it's kind of comical there's Wayne after it was all done, he
pulled out his rag and started cleaning the screen, had us laughing, also the look on Ed’s face when he checked his phone and saw the picture…..priceless!! Another great day of riding, check the place out pretty good and there's
some other restaurants around