St. Simons Island
Michel Marcia
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I really enjoy St. Simons
Island, there is a lot to do
there, we have made
overnight trip to Brunswick
before and have a
to that too.  Now our trip over
was nice, although hwy 121 is
very very straite, but Hwy 252
Burnt Fort rd is very nice
leaving Folkston, GA.  
Alright for my buddies out there who love to eat check out
Southern Soul Barbeque, they even serve it by the pound which I
did participate in.  The link is at the top of this page CHECK IT
etc....   We are planing to plan an overnight trip there in the near
futur. Exploring we found there is a lot more for you to do at Red
Fern Park, we have a link to them too.  I need to check it out
more too, they give a map of busnnisses too.  We started out at
the Harley Shop in Brunswick, I was glad to hear of Southern
Soul BBQ to eat at from locals because suffing the web that is
where we were going to.  See you on the road,  Just Get Out and