Silver Glen Springs
Michel Marcia
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No doubt the heat is on, and it only is the middle of June! We posted this ride on LetsRide Gainesville.  Here we did another spring ride to cool off, this time it was
Silver Glenn Springs. One thing we have heard from other people they will close all of these springs when they hit their limit and that is something that happens quite
often. Well this is also about riding, so we had a nice ride planed to the springs with a stop in Ft. McCoy. What’s there a Kangaroo to refill our Roo cups, and they have
a Subway there too to get your sandwiches for the springs. Also across the street they have a grocery store with a lot more selection of things than I thought they
would have. I love chicken livers and was going to get some but since it was about 10:45 am they were still cooking things, so I decide to save time and get a sub at
This picture is the first few minutes  of our ride leaving our area, just puts a smile on your face when starting out!
Then over one of my favorite bridges on 316 (don’t care about high bridges) this one is steep especially going east. In no time we were entering the spring’s area.
Now Silver Glenn is not a state park which usually $4.00 per bike and $6.00 for two up. This place is a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and $5.50 per
person. This place filled up fast after we arrived. Once again Marcia and I brought our snorkels and fins. The Springs is roped off for the swimming area to keep boats
out. We use to come here when we were into boating and spend several days at a time here. This place is nice. We hit the water, then back to the picnic tables and
ate our subs, then back to the springs this time with our snorkels and mask.
Afterwards we kinda waded to the boat area checked it out. We did get in a few hours here, and then once again it was time to pack it up and head home. We stopped
in Salt Springs area and used the restrooms and got some snacks and drinks. Of course it was time to take a different route home and we did. It was hot, after a lot of
nice scenery, we planned our next stop to say goodbye.
We stopped at a neat place in Gainesville by Lake Newnans Lake, kind of swampy with that Florida look, and talked for a few minutes and said our goodbyes. For us it
became a long night, one of our puppies was in a lot of pain so we spent lots of time with him at the vets. He seems to be doing fine now. I am playing catch up. This
was yesterday’s ride, will post todays ride tomorrow, which also was a blast! Might also make a little video tonight of yesterdays ride if there is such a thing. Once
again a great weekend with Great friends having fun…….
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right here on our webpage.  We just got 800 subscribers on our You Tube channel.   Now this webpage is only going to have
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