Sanford, FL
Thunder on the Streets 2010
Another nice day for a motorcycle ride.  This is our first stop i think we’re in Ocala.  We have been
wanting to make this trip for a long time.  This time it was only going to be a day trip.  Next time we
will spend the night.
I love watching our flag wave in the wind.  I mean just on our trip over here I enjoy seeing all the flags that people are flying
by their house, and driveways.  You have to admit that in the picture above old Glory looks great.  Our country our freedom.
I really didn’t think we would see very much just because was a  Sunday. The last day there’s not
much going on. I definitely wanted to come over on a Saturday and spend the night. But still for a
Sunday there were a lot of bikes out and vendors. I know with our group we would have had no
problem having a good time. It’s a nice picture seeing all the bikes parked along the road with the
lake in the background. Also at the marina you can take a boat tour. It’s a pretty nice marina; we had
been here before on our boat.
I don’t even know if I can get this straight, we started out joining
the Eagle Riders in Gainesville, FL.  Out of these members we
also started another group, Lets Ride Gainesville, and
somewhere in between these groups we started having Asses of
the Roundtable, which got its name from the large round tables
at the Eagles club 4518 where we get together on the weekends.
I love watching people, especially at bike events. I like to check out
all the cycles, you will see some pretty cool bikes, and all kinds of
people. I can stand on the side of the road and just watch, and I’m
having a good time. Above is a picture of a double motorcycle, I don’t
think I’ve ever seen one like this.
Above is a picture of a pond in the mist of this event.  Sanford is a nice little town that would be a great place to visit even if there was not a
bike fest there.  It look like the old section of town was only about ¼ mile from here, and that alone looked very interesting to explore.  Like I
said before, we will be back.  About two years ago we did stay in Sanford on another bike trip.  We did a three day trip exploring Florida and
Sanford was our third day, that time we were here on a Saturday night, but we spent it at the Barn.
This large open area here, I imagine at night time this is the happening place, they have a stage and while we were there a band was playing.  
You can find other videos at You Tube that shows more of what is happening at night time.
Here is another picture at a different location looking at this big field. They have a little bit of everything; here is a guy with his gator. Right
behind me they have motocross bikes getting some big air with the jumps they’re making. Also behind me is another road with all kinds of
vendors. When I was making the video we got right in this spot just as the motocross bikes finished their show. Next time.
The two pictures above are of some of us exploring.  At this point we started making
our way back to our bikes.  Once again my thoughts were of returning next year and
checking this event out especially at night time.
This really was a very quick just checking Sanford out trip. I could’ve spent so much more time watching the people,
checking the bikes out, and the vendors. We definitely had a nice day, and we have a pretty cool group of people, and
we always have a great time.
Well this brings an end to the bike fest portion of this trip. Above is a picture of one of the vessels Romance which I believe is a river
boat tour, I am not sure if this is the vessel that serves a meal or not. If I find some information on the Internet, I will put a link for it at
the top of this page. When we got to our bikes they had just started an air show. I did not get any pictures, just a little bit of video.
The Swamp House River Front Grille that is located in Debary, FL, again this is one of those cool looking restaurants. The food was great, they
had a one man band singing, and the view was great. You are right off of the Saint Johns River overlooking a nice marina with the river right
behind that. When we were into boating we passed this place many times but never stopped here. My buddy Jay told me about this place, he
said it was a neat restaurant, he was right.
When we start off on any trip, day trip, or a week trip, when
ever I see a hawk fly ahead of us or just see one, it just
seems to confirm to me it's going to be a great day.....
We ate on the second floor, which like I said gave a great
view of the marina.  You know where ever we go, if I am the
last one in, you can always find our group, just stop and listen.
Just another picture to give you a better view of the inside.
Above are just some pictures of the different entrees we had. Mine was the second picture fish and chips.
We always have a great time. After we ate here we started our trip back home. The ride itself was nice. I will have
the route on the top of the page. I am now using Google Maps, just for the reason you can send the link to your
smart phone and it will show the route and your phone will show you were you are. I am sure there are some apps
to transfer it to your GPS on your phone.
This was one of our stops on the way home. Seeing the long shadows on the ground it's getting late. We are by
US441 and SR 42. Again the ride was great and being with our friends put the icing on the cake. Until next time
Michel Marcia
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