St. Simons Island, GA 2014  
(Karen's Birthday)
Michel Marcia
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Marcia's Itinerary
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We have been waiting waiting and waiting for this trip to Saint Simons island. I can’t believe it is already
over with. You could see the excitement in everybody’s eyes Saturday morning when we met. Now
another thing you could see they had layers and layers of clothes on, it was very cold. But even with the
temperature we were so ready to ride.  Just a quick note we made a day trip here in October 2013, I am also
adding links to  Southern Soul Barbeque and pictures of that trip.  Also our webpage of that trip.....
Our first stop was Folkston, Georgia; here we took a little break to warm up some. We never use these chemical hand warmers
before but boy this trip everybody seemed to have some. Our next stop was Sonny’s restaurant, I can’t remember right now if we
already started singing happy birthday to Karen before the restaurant, but I know we must have sang it three times at the
restaurant. After we ate we gassed up and then went to our next stop which was a plantation.
Time was no longer on our side, we still checked the visitor’s center and watched the video of the plantation but we didn’t get to see
everything. We still had daylight when we arrived at our hotel, wow this was right across from the lighthouse. Everybody unpacked then
we met in the lobby and proceeded to Blue Water Café, which Karen picked for her birthday. You definitely could tell where our group
was at, between all the laughter and all the happy birthdays we sang to Karen that night. We hung out for an hour or two in a room the
hotel let us use.  It definitely was a great Saturday.
Sunday morning, we still have a couple of things to see. Next stop was Fort King George. There is always something going: we walked
into their auditorium to watch a video of Fort King George. This of course was another good place to sing happy birthday to Karen. Also
this is where Ed was presented with a ranger hat, and then we decided he is the one that needs to push the button to start the video
wearing his ranger hat, we got pictures. Also this is the moment when we saw the picture of King George on the wall, a moment of
silence then laughter sure looked a lot like Cliff.
Today we had plenty of time and we did check the Fort out very good. Soon we found ourselves at the Harley Davidson shop in
Brunswick, from they’re we went to eat one last time at the Old Times Country Buffet. We did take one or two back roads and then
took 301 all the way back to the outskirts of Gainesville. Made one last stop in Baldwin for everybody to say goodbye and yes sing
happy birthday to Karen one last time. Everybody had a great time.
A special thanks go out
to Saint Simons Inn,  we
will be back and enjoyed
our accommodations.