Saint Marks Light
House 2013
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
This ride was posted on
Let's Ride Gainesville
Marcia and I posted this on Let's Ride Gainesville.  I asked Marcia where do you want to go, she said the light
house in Saint Marks,FL so here is our trip.
Saint Marks Lighthouse (12/24/2013)
The weather down here changes daily. Yesterday we had the a/c on at the house, it
was in the 80's and I was sweating. Today we had chaps, long sleeves, heavy jacket,
etc... Just feels great hitting the open road, with a sunny day. I really invite the cold
air, as long as I can dress for it. We posted this ride on LRG, and being Christmas Eve
day I did not think we would have a big turn out and it was cold too.
So this ride was just Ed & Karen, and Marcia & I. I saw one or
two posts from some of our Facebook friends up north, I am
sure it's rough not being able to ride! The ride over was great, if
you look at most of the pictures you see a lot of blue sky's. The
temperature was 48 and 49 degrees for a long time, never broke
60 degrees.
The park had a $5.00 entrance fee for R/V's, cars, and motorcycles. $1.00 for bicycles. That is not right. Our first stop other than paying
the entrance fee which you place in a little box, was the visitor center. There they had a trail that is about 1/3 mile to walk. Kind of neat,
nothing spectacular, but it did get you into the exploring mode. Even being a small group we still can cut up, but always wish all of our
buddies were with us. When we finished the walk we headed back to the bikes, and proceeded to the lighthouse.
The speed limit is 35 miles an hour and it is a scenic ride. On the way back we saw several cars stopped on the side of the road taking
pictures. Not sure exactly how long we stayed at the lighthouse, but we definitely were in explore mode. The way I am with heights, I
was going to try to go to the top of the lighthouse, but I was not very disappointed at all when I realized you were not allowed (smiley
Now being Christmas Eve day a lot of restaurants are closed, which I understand. We had to be at Savannah's Country Buffet, located in
Crawfordville, FL. As we got on the main roads I could feel the throttle opening up, they close at 3 pm today we need to feed, and its 2
pm, this now is getting very serious, remember volume. Well we made it in time, the food was great, and the staff was too. Need to look
into this place for our next Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally.
After we ate we enjoyed maybe 30 miles or so of back roads which led us to US 27. From there we headed to Perry, and
once at Perry it was the same roads home. When you hit the same roads, that's when I crank up the radio. When we got
home for me and Marcia it was about 290 miles of pleasure. Until next trip, see Ya!!!