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Road Trip 5/21/2016
May 17th 2016 as I speak right now setting up a web page for our, trip Marcia is sitting at her computer
working on the route that we're going to take. The excitement is starting to build. Not sure how this is
going to work with our website I know our Facebook will be up-to-date every day and if there are any
videos short ones they will be with our second YouTube channel and linked on our Facebook page.  I don't
think I'll have time to make big videos as we do this trip I'm making this page now because things are
going to move fast on the 21st of May I will be linking this to our website, again our Facebook page is the
best way to follow up with pictures and write-ups see you guys on the road!!!
Pictures of todays
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Day 1

Saturday May 21, 2016, Met our riding buddies Karen and Ed at Browns in Alachua, and took off at around 9am to begin our first adventure of
the year. We are all glad to be traveling once again.
We begin by jumping on I-75 heading north to get on down the road, and got off at the Jasper exit. On the out skirts of McRae we stop for gas
top off our sippy cups and a bathroom break, and then move on to our first photo op. Right down town is a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and
a liberty Bell, so cool, so we park the bikes and got the pictures.
We move on and decide since we are ahead of schedule we not stop at Mickey D’s for lunch instead we decide to continue on to Dublin
Georgia and eat there. Nice road all the way there and barley any traffic. As we come in to Dublin you could smell the aroma of the downtown
restaurants, and decide to eat at Deano’s Italian restaurant. This place was beautiful inside and the food and our weight person Savanna, was
superb.  Next we headed on down town and had plan to visit the Dublin museum but much to our dismay the museum was closed, so we just
walked around a bit, and then loaded up and traveled down Bellevue street where all the beautiful antebellum homes sit.
Following our route we begin to see some curves and hills it is beautiful and a joy to ride. Just before Toomsboro Ed lets us know that there is
a storm coming across so we we look for a place to pull over and take cover, not much to choose from, a small store gas station or an
abandoned building that looks like it might have been a grocery, gas station. It did the trick we hunkered and waited for the storm to pass
over.  The storm moved by fast and we were back on the road in less than 30 minutes. Even though the roads were wet they were a pleasure
to ride, nice hills with sweeping curves.
We arrived early in to Milledgeville and stopped by the Georgia Capital Museum, and the Georgia military college, the architecture is beautiful,
we rode on through Milledgeville to our nights lodging, then got a bite to eat at the Pickle Barrel, it was  kind of like a Beef O Brady’s. Can’t wait
for tomorrow.    
Pictures of todays
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Day 2
Sunday May 22, 2016
We were up and ready, we mad lodging arrangements for the next two nights we were headed out of Milledgeville and heading towards
Juliette. In Gray we stopped and topped off our tanks and we were on our way. The roads are wonderful and the weather perfect.
We got into Juliette and parked the bikes and went into explore mode, as you probably know Juliette is known due to the filming of “Fried
green tomatoes” the tiny town is a montage of little gift shop store fronts, and the best restaurant ever, The Whistle Stop Café, named
because the train runs just yards away and blows its whistle as it passes by. The food was wonderful, and yes the fried green tomatoes are
excellent, worth the trip, but again the ride was second to none.
Next on the agenda was Monticello, where the film “My cousin Vinnie” was filmed, sweet little town with beautiful antebellum homes, we
stopped here and got the pictures. Back on the bikes we headed to our next stop the Eagle Rock Effergy. Here we observed a granite rock
piled shaped like a bird, which they say is over 2000 years old. The research continues on through the University of Georgia and the
national 4-H club.  Moving on we rode into Madison, more antebellum homes and a quaint downtown that provide us with an ice cream
break and some good coffee. This was our last stop before getting to our nights lodging in Helen Ga. What a ride just at 100 miles of
wonderful, curve after curve, then as we were approaching glimpses of the mountains in the background. We checked into the Best
Western, freshen up and then had dinner at Trolls in Helen, not as crowded as we thought it would be. We were all tired and ready to kicked
back so we headed back to the hotel to get some rest get ready for tomorrows adventure.
Pictures of todays
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Day 3
Antebellum Trail Day 3
Updated 7 hours ago
Monday, May 23, 2016,
Up and ready to go after a very good breakfast provided by the Best Western, in Helen. We topped off our tanks and were on our way. The roads
were fantastic a pleasure to ride, curve after curve. Coming around a corner was “Turner’s Corner” and now closed placed were local bikers and
bikers visiting the area stop for a bite to eat and wet their whistle.
Next stop was Amicalola Falls, one word beautiful, we checked into at the main visitor’s center we told that the best look at the falls was go up to
the top the falls parking lot, and off we went, the grade up the road was about 30%, a little challenge, coming down was another story but worth the
effort. At the end of we were able to park and gaze up to the head of the waterfall, to the pool at the bottom beautiful, and another treat watch some
local’s fish for trout at the bottom pool.
Its lunch time so we are on our way to Dawsonville, but first we stopped at an abandoned store that looked like a restaurant with a water wheel
attached, across from that a mini mart with the remains of gas pumps, the entrance was another challenge straight up, but we all made it up took
the pictures and left on the other side up and out, and headed to the Pool Hall in Dawsonville for lunch, neat place and a hang out for famed
“Awesome Bill from Dawsonville” on of the greats of Nascar racing, and the food was good too.
Now back on the road destination Cartersville, and Southern Devil Harley Davidson 60 miles away and a pleasure to ride every mile, right into the
HD shop. The staff there were helpful and great to talk to. We walked away with guys getting a hat and me and Karen a great shirt. Our last stop of
the day was the just ahead, the Euharlee covered bridge, and all I can say is beautiful the bridge is really a piece of art and the little community just
plain cute. It’s getting late so we head the bikes towards our night lodging the Allatoona Lake Inn just on the shores of the Allatoona Lake. Nice B
and B had a great time, with take out Pizza for dinner. We all turn in early, and are in anticipation of great day of riding tomorrow.
Pictures of todays
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Day 4

May 24, 2016 Marcia,s write up
We left the Allatoona Lake Inn and headed to Red Top Mountain Park, where we made our first stop for pictures. The approach was
particularly traumatizing to some of “us” as the access was VERY steep, I mean straight down, it was very hard for that “us” person to
relax thinking about how we were all going to get back up to the main road without any mishaps…..but it happened and “us” was very
happy…and life was good and we continued on. We traveled many little towns and some wonderful roads, every time we turned to
another road we thought the fun was over but each one got better and better. At Piedmont we stopped for lunch at the Solid Rock Café
where we had some really good lunch and the town was really nice too, and is a popular for cyclist, the Chief Ladiga bicycle trail which
is one of the longest bicycle paved bicycle route in the US. Moving on we headed out for the Talladega State Park and some of the best
riding of the day like I said every road just got better. We road over 270 miles and finally got to our stop for the night the Creek side
Lodge on Blue Creek, looks like a lake to me, anyway really nice waterfront venue with a pool and a boat ramp, one of the best places
we stayed yet on the trip. We had dinner at Neffers just up on the road from the lodge, and then headed back and had some adults
beverages talked about our days adventure then turned in to get some rest, in anticipation of tomorrows ride.
Pictures of todays
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Day 5
Antebellum Trail Day 5

Wednesday May 25, 2016 Marcia's write up
We left the Creekside Lodge at around 9am and headed for the Horse Shoe Military Park, very serene and beautiful. Moving on we rode
towards Oxford via roads near the Talladega National Park. Just as we got into the out skirts of Oxford we decided to swing by the Mount
Cheaha Harley Davidson, got a shirt and the chip, nice dealership. Next was lunch which was just next door to the HD shop, good food.
Now with lunch completed we are ready to do some more riding to the Cloud Canyon State Park, the roads are a bit challenging but fun
to ride, and then we continue on to Cloud Canyon Falls, and then on into Fort Payne where we stayed for the night. Fort Payne still has a
really sweet downtown and most of it is on the US national list of historic places. We stayed at the nearby hotel and hung out poolside
and talked about our days ride.
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Day 6
Antebellum Trail Day 6

Thursday May 26, 2016 Marcia's write up
We were up at the usual time, had breakfast, packed the bikes and were on our way, we head right downtown Ft Payne, right past the bronze
statues of the Alabama Band guys, very impressive, almost more impressive than the roads that we encounter just outside of town. We didn’
t really have a lot of stops today and so we covered a lot of asphalt instead and may I say that asphalt was awesome. Moving east we
crossed back over to Georgia and made our way into Dalton, Georgia. Like I said the roads were awesome but as we approached Dalton they
got a little challenging, having to stop on a VERY steep grade look twice and then burn that clutch as to not roll backward is nerve racking. All
this good road riding dumped us out at the Dalton and the Mountain Creek Harley Davidson, nice HD shop they sure had a lot of motor clothes
to choose from. Next on the schedule was lunch, and we chose Cracker Barrel, everything is always good at Cracker Barrel.
We had a lot of road to cover so off we went. Roads still good along with the scenery but not as curvy as before, traveled through a lot of
small towns. We found a lot of those town decked out with the red white and blue ready for Memorial Day. We stopped in Cave Springs for
gas and something to drink and then got back on the road destination LaGrange, Georgia which would be our home for the next couple of
days. Finally we turn into the Lafayette LaGrange Hotel, we unpacked and the guys went to pick up dinner and me and Karen did laundry.
Can’t wait to ride tomorrow.
Pictures of todays
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Day 7
Antebellum Trail Day 7
Taken in LaGrange, Georgia
Friday May 27, 2016 Marcia's write up
As before we are up and ready to ride, breakfast done we headed out to West Point and the West Point damn. The ride there was great,
coming in site of the damn was awesome and to be able to drive right over the damn was a real treat. It is an incredible damn, lake and park.
Built by the Army Core of Engineers on the Chattahoochee river that created the West point Lake controls flooding and provides
hydroelectric power
Next we rode into the town of West Point to get some lunch at the Irish Bred Pub, right in the downtown area that has been nicely
revitalized. The food was very good, Karen I had shepherd’s pie which was excellent. Moving on we headed for Opelika Alabama, and Big
Swamp Harley Davidson, got the chips and just hung out for a while enjoying life. Finally we head back to LaGrange had a light dinner pool
side talked about the days ride and then retired to get some rest, we have a big ride tomorrow.
Pictures of todays
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Day 8
Antebellum Day8
Taken in LaGrange, Georgia
Saturday May 28, 2016 Marcia's Write up: This our last day in the LaGrange area……hate that we have to leave but have to get back to
reality, so we can we do it again very soon. First thing after breakfast we rode in to down town LaGrange at the square, and got off the bikes,
and took a walk around the main square. Beautiful fountain and statue of the Marquis de Lafayette, a French aristocrat and military officer
who helped the US win the Revolutionary War. LaGrange was the name of Lafayette’s estate in France, where there is a replica of the same
fountain and statue as in LaGrange.. Next we headed out to the Warm Springs area in search of the Auchupkee Creek Covered Bridge near
the town of Culloden, Ga. The bridge was originally built in 1892 and then rebuilt in 1997 and nicely preserved. Moving on we passed through
a small town, Thomaston which was in the mist of celebrating the Memorial Day weekend, we stopped at the mini mart for a break and
something to drink, and watched some of the celebration going on. But alas we needed to move on we had a couple more places we wanted
to check out. Close by in Fayetteville, Georgia is the Stars mill Waterfall, this mill was built in 1825, and continued to change owners until
Hilliard Starr took over in 1866 and worked the mill for the next 12 years. The Starr name has endured and is now recognized as a significant
historic site. The current mill is just over 100 years old, and is the 3rd mill constructed on the mill foundation in 1907, the present mill was
rebuilt after a fire and has been more than a grist mill, it powered a cotton gin, and supplied electrical power for the town of Senoia. We
parked and got some really nice pictures, watched a goose nesting and a mama duck and her ducklings sitting on the shoals near the water
fall, what a great find, so serene. It was time for lunch so we road into Newnan and got a bite to eat at the Fabiano’s Pizzeria we had eaten
here a few years ago when we were riding in the area and decided to try it again, the food was good as it was before and Newnan is still a
beautiful town. Next we rode over to Great South HD, to get the chip, and visit a friend, Robin that we made a few years back. We picked up
a shirt and a chip and a great picture with Robin. I was getting late so we headed back to LaGrange, had a lot to do pack up and head home in
the morning.
Pictures of todays
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Day 9
The Map was the planned route home
instead we just hit the home button
Antebellum Trail Day 9
Yesterday ·
Sunday, May 29, 2016 Marcia's write up:Time to ride back into to reality, after breakfast we turned the bikes
towards home. We wanted to make it home before 5pm so we could pick up the puppies at Camp, so we
jumped on I-85 to I-185 all the way to Tifton Ga, stopped there for lunch then I-75 that took us home. We
picked the dogs up in plenty of time. Now…finishing the write up finished washing and ready to get some
sleep, cause we are going riding tomorrow.

(Michel) on another note Marcia has finished and posted yesterdays ride Day 8 Check it out!