River Ratz 2015
Michel Marcia
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River Ratz 2/8/2015

River Ratz, Karen & Ed posted this ride on LetsRide GainesvilleGainesville. Wow what nice weather we have, I mean my dash said 79* and I think next
weekend it’s not going to get very far in the 50’s. We meet at our usual place and there were a lot of bikes, I think 22 and then our first stop we picked up
another two, we did have it set up if we had to split the group which happen before we even could get out of Gainesville, but no problem. We have been to
River Ratz before and their food is great. I had the same thing as before. Only thing different this time everybody was there, this place was packed and still
neat with the band playing the music and all the other bikes there, the river running behind the restaurant, nice sight to the eyes. Karen did have tables for
us but seemed like we kinda all spread out. I did my usual walking around and taking pictures, we do have another album on Facebook of another trip there
too. We took some neat back roads then US 41. Said our goodbyes at 121 and 41. As we got closer to home our group got smaller and smaller. Looked like
everybody had a good time and that’s what it’s about. Once again Marcia was working, but she is off next weekend, she is ready to ride!
River Ratz Cafe 11/28/2014
November 29, 2014 ·  · Taken at River Ratz Cafe

The weekend was coming up fast, and Marcia has to work it, so when Karen & Ed posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville this neat ride to River Ratz Café, Marcia
said we’re going. What a sunny day, little bit cool but we could dress for that. We met at the usual spot and soon we were riding. We made a little stop in
Williston, and then it was back roads. In one of the pictures you can see a horse, I wish I was videoing instead of taking pictures, this horse was feeling
great and he was showing it (maybe the colder weather). When we pasted Stump Knockers on 200 we stopped at the gas stations to see if we were picking
up any other riders. We did meet several people there, and a dog named Bob. Bob seemed cool. We talked with Bob’s owners for a little while, it was neat
watching Bob jump right into his carrying case, reminded me of another dog I just met Scooter. Next stop was our restaurant, I got to hand it to Karen this
was another neat rustic looking restaurant on the water. The food was good I had the pressed Cuban and it was great. I did my usual take a few pictures
while waiting on my meal, and posted a video clip to give you an idea of the area. Soon as we left Ratz Café I took a dead end road so we could practice
with our quick calculated U-Turns, after that I found the right….. We decided to stop practicing because it was getting late. One last stop in Archer to say our
goodbyes and we changed into our night time glasses. The last 30 minutes you could feel the temperature drop. Just a note to help you guys find these
places on the photo album I include their name in the write up and it is usually linked to their Facebook page. Click on it and you can find all the information,
where, what it looks like, telephone numbers, maps, etc…. Oh cool, I see Karen & Ed have another ride for tomorrow, Sunday. See you on the road……
The last 3 pictures are of another trip there.