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Renegades on the river
Crescent City, FL 2016
Renegade's On The River 3/27/2016

First of all happy Easter to everybody! Let's Ride Gainesville posted this one and we knew there wouldn't be too many people being Easter. Karen found this gem; we’re always looking at the maps looking all
around trying to find or next restaurant that we haven't been too that's pretty neat. Well this is definitely a winner, we did our usual ride leaving Gainesville and heading towards Palatka stayed on US17 then made
a right on 309 which took us right to Renegades on the river. This place is also an RV park and a nice one at that all the RV slips and all the parking lots have pavers, and look great. Soon as we got there we were
on explorer mode, they also have cabins to rent, they have a marine where you can dock your boat, they got a great big Tiki Bar and the restaurants is a pretty good size too, we took our pictures and then
headed into the restaurant... It was time to feed!! I took a few pictures of the meals we were eating but the camera didn't do it much justice the food was good after we ate we met one couple in the restaurant that
were there with their RV which has been an interest for us. They told us to come on by. Soon as we started walking we noticed other RVs with motorcycles, as we started talking to these people time started to
go by quickly. We did learn a lot of things from them. When we left we decided to try some of these back roads, now we've been here on some of these back roads when we have gone to Three Bananas, but this
time we started zig-zagging trying to find all the back roads in this area. There are a few different restaurants you can go to and have yourself a real nice hour and-a-half ride while in the area. We didn't have a
map of the trip but I'm looking forward to our next trip around here to have a neat little route that will cover most of these Back Country Roads. We stopped at 1 gas station in the area and spoke to some people
about the ferry. Marcia and I have been on years ago but on the west side of the river by Salt Springs it was dirt and we learned it still is dirt. We did cross it one time but it was also very sandy. After riding some
of these back roads it was time to head back home, we made one last stop in Melrose to say goodbye and finally put our rain gear on. Renegade’s On The River is definitely a gem, and you guys need to check it
out when you get a chance! Well until next weekend see you guys on the road, also hope to have a little video of the trips soon......