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Red's Restaurant
Hernando, FL 2016
Red's Restaurant 3/20/2016

Well unfortunately today Marcia was at work once again so I rode with Let's Ride Gainesville and their destination was Hernando, Florida Red's Restaurant! Earlier this morning it was raining but by time I took off
to meet everybody it had stopped man did it turn out to be a nice day. We met at Subway and Home Depot on 441 Jim & Pat and their dog came by to say hi and see us off. We had two different routes, one route
going down and one route coming back home and both involve country roads, it was nice. Wow we pulled in the parking lot, this place was busy! Now after two passes in the parking lot it was everybody on their
own this place was crowded having reservations sure does help out I think we waited a whole maybe 5 minutes at the same time it was great, all of a sudden in the parking lot here comes Vickie & Tony they
made it here and they joined us for the meal it was great seeing them like always I'm well on my first pass around the parking lot and I looked towards the restaurant where everybody was waiting and there was
Javier with his wife and two grandkids great seeing them there too! I included four pictures of our meal and the food was good and the portions were nice when you come over here remember it's cash only well
we soon found ourselves back out in the parking lot were we said our goodbyes to everybody, then we pointed them towards Gainesville and headed home more Country Roads. We said our final goodbyes at
Archer, Florida and then everybody went their way until next weekend and Marcia will be off alright!!!