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Pecan Park RV Resort
Jacksonville, FL 2/27/2017
Before we leave we don't quite get a full bag of ice pretty close
though but what is nice when you get home you take your little bag
ice there put it in your freezer the next trip after you start your
refrigerator in RV you put that little bag in there so when you get to
the RV resort and you off load the bikes and you're all set your wife
can make you a nice whiskey and Coke with lots of ice
Here we just checked in very
nice RV Park pretty big too I
think we're always learning
something on this adventure
with the toy hauler
One thing we learn today we already knew this but never paid a lot
attention to it until today our site slants up and then levels off this
made the door for the toy hauler ramp to go down a lot further which
also made a way steeper angle I've never hung Marcia bike up trying to
get it down I did today..LOL now it was time to take Sprocket and
Clutch for a walk now this cracked me up these folks had a statue of a
cat or a small tiger, man was Clutch at full attention it was funny as all...
Met some fellow riders today
now if I just get the names right I
believe it was Dave and Peggy
everytime I tell somebody were
from Alachua are you see have
to mention north of Gainesville
This was cool he said I know
where it's at I'm familiar with it
then he turned around picture
says it all...
Tuesday morning we just walked the dogs here's a few more pictures
and like I said as we post the pictures all have captions this place is
pretty neat
Taking the pups for their morning walk it's already 74 degrees but it
feels like 82 or 83 put it this way just walking the dogs I'm starting to
sweat I think the lady told me there's like a hundred and eighty some
Lots here
Nice-looking pool and I think
later on today we may visit this
Did I tell you the airports nearby
Well since it's pretty warm we
are running our air conditioner
so that muffles the jet noise a lot
Ready to ride!!
Well this was our first stop
today Okefenokee Swamp
I'll tell you what we seen a lot of
gators here today
Really nice looking that he I
funny thing I was kind of
disappointed with if they charge
$5 per bike that just isn't right
and then you can come in with a
car for what five or six that's
I didn't like the look on this one
because it kind of reminded me
the way I look like when I'm
looking at a buffet — in Hilliard,
Lots of Turtles too I feel for Marcia I was messing with her she goes
to me aren't you kind of scared all these Gators right here and I
looked at her I told her no, why not, I told her because I can run a
whole lot faster than you baby I think she believed me she went back
I can't believe this weather we
hit 87 degrees one time today
I wanted to get some drown
pictures but they just would not
allow me to fly I got to get a
permit, I said okay how long
could take? 2 weeks.
Well here we are in Hilliard,we
are starving we forgot to eat
imagine that getting old
is a b****
Did find one really nice Road
Spanish something I'll find the
name of it later well we got
about another 40 minutes ago
Here are the rest of the pictures from the GoPro the riding part...
Didn't have time to download some of the GoPro pictures while we
were stopped today so here they are, had some nice roads!!  I think
we had a high of 86 or 87 degrees today, I am not looking forward to
Summer — in Jacksonville, Florida.
The way we left the RV Resort I
was sure we're going to go to
one of the terminals for drop off
at the Jacksonville International
More farms and barns
More farms and barns
at one time in the past we've
been passed this building can't
remember which trip but we've
been here before
Now we had passed this when
we left the park and I told her I
said hey that look like a pretty
nice Road you want to check it
out I'm glad we went back it was
a neat little road
Well tomorrow's another day for
exploring sure did enjoy it today
I ended up taking this little
shortcut going from 200 to 17 to
avoid that intersection and this
building popped right out front
of us.....
This is our second day on the bike over here in the Jacksonville area
not many miles today decided to go check out Fernandina Beach I
love the old section the Historic part
Fernandina historic section 82 degrees and just a little bit past 12:30
p.m.  Haven't seen too many bikes out here today
Last time we were here they
were working on the floating
dock the main one and they're
still working on it still closed off
You can see the commercial docks. From the restaurant Lol....
remind me of work, every now and then I miss docking the ship ....
Oh man it's getting time To
On the picture before this one if
you look to the left the concrete
pole to the left of the flagpole
has the Shrimp Boat on top of it
I do believe this is the place
we're going to eat at I'm still
researching right now but
hunger may take over
Menu looks good kind of
checking it out while we're
sitting here at the oldest bar in
They also have an upstairs with
To the right in picture you can
see Palace that's where we're
right now cooling off with a cold
beverage Grill.
We always have to stop here at
the Palace whenever we visit
Wow this pirate even knows our
names and what we drink .
Inside the Palace
Me and my Baby in Explorer
mode and cooling off...
Alright finally sitting down and
getting ready to get something
to eat
I guess I'm just going to have to
be a pirate!
The Salty Pelican on the upper deck looking towards the Marina
restaurant Just the rewarding picture.  Time to Feed!!
Well home for the next couple of days is going to
be here in Jacksonville area we got a route plan
today lot of little roads really not sure how it's going
to turn out we'll try posting pictures as we go and
under comments I'm going to post the Google map
where you can zoom in and see the route we're
going to do today...
Here is the motel downtown
stayed here one night during
their Pirate Fest that believe it is
Leaving the old Historic part..
While on the bikes last picture
Fernandina historic section
The bridge crossing over to
Fernandina Beach
In the morning we go home!!
One last walk in the evening and
one last sun set.
The bikes are loaded I ended up
Grace in the front of the trailer
about a foot and then loaded the
bikes they cleared fine none of
them got hung up
Then it was time, grill and eat
some supper
Time sure did go by fast...
heading back home in the
morning that's the end of this
photo album....later...
Bikes are put up,  We have ate
our last supper, now kicking
back, morning will soon be here