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Palm Valley Outdoors
Bar & Grill 2017
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Palm Valley out doors bar-and-grill
This was another Let's Ride Gainesville ride, LRG We have not visit this place before looks interesting we will check it out today!! .....Well now we have checked it out it was pretty neat and our route there which I
will put in the comments with the Google Map so you can click on it, and it was kind of nice not much traffic got right to the restaurant definitely will be back!   Now the ride over there was nice at one area
probably about 15 miles from the restaurant they have a lot of construction going on, I think this is going to be even bigger than the Villages when they're done. The temperature was just right not too cold, we
had our buddies with us I heard no complaints of the food!  When we left there we took just a little different route heading home and once again everybody had fun!!!!