Ozello  Trail
Crystal River
26left 241left on 41 go though
Archer right at light in Williston
27left 41right 121left on 19 go
through Crystal River right on
Ozello ( I think there is a home
Depot you will pass, and its the
second road)There is a
convince store on the corner
where you turn. We always get
some bottled drink and chips
and sit at the picnic tables at
the end of the trail.
172 miles round trip
Use Broadband
Our old
video of
the Ozello
Sometime in July we heard of
a concert at Rock Crusher
Canyon searched for a motel.
Here we are at the Ale House.
What a location, package is
great. You get a great view of
the river, good food at their
restaurant, a bar, and marina with boat rentals. We have ate here on other trips but never stayed over. Our trip started Friday
11/30/2007 we got a late start but made it there just when it was turning dark. While on the road just past Wiliston we had to
pull over to let a fire truck pass us. On up the road we came to the accident, and it had a motorcycle involved. That always
gets your full attention. I saw the bike and saw two people wearing vest, I did not notice any other bikes so I assume the two
bikers with the vest were the ones involved, and they where standing up, walking around which was a great sign.
Manatee and it's baby
Right picture is of the marina at the Ale House, and the  boat rentals.
headed out to Rock Crusher
Canyon. I think we got there
around 4:30, it was still daylignt.
What a neat place for an outdoor
consert. Tonight Trace Adkins
and Montgomery Gentry are after
the concert we grabed back to
the Ale House.
It always amazes me how time flies. Sunday morning, time to head back to Alachua. But before we leave one more stop, the
Ozello Trail. Just about every time we are riding though Crystal River we always have to take a quick 9.5 mile ride on the Trail. We
have stopped many of times at the convince store at the intersection of 19&98 and Ozello Trail, and bought a soda and something
to snack on for the park at the end of the trail. But this time we will be eating at Peck's near the end of the trail.
We arrived at the Ale House right
great meal at their restaurant. After
the meal to our room for a
Saturday morning we ate breakfast
at Grannies, which is at the most a
mile down the road. Then back to
the Ale House, Steve and Jill
rented a boat so we went exploring
on the river. Wow we seen a lot of
manatees and the water was so
After a good meal, we rode the Ozello and headed home. I know Marcia is already planing our next trip before we get home, she is
always doing that. The last half of the video above show a lot of the Ozello Trail. The Yahoo map shows one of our routes. See on
the road. Until next time, JUST GET OUT AND RIDE. Michel
Picture of another trip with some of our friends at the end of
Our maps
of the trip
Michel Marcia
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