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Our Deck Down Under
Our Deck Down Under 2015
Updated about 3 weeks ago
The morning started off pretty foggy and it got warm very fast we headed over to Port Orange crossed over the big bridge to the beach and soon as you cross over we made a
right backtracked along the side of the bridge and that is where the restaurant is located I'm just going to put captions by all the pictures instead of write up hope you enjoy your
Like I said when we left the house it was very foggy
The fog didn't last very long
Here we all met up with Let's Ride Gainesville by Home Depot in subway in Gainesville.  It was already getting warm
This is our second stop we're in East Palatka we did not need to stop for fuel but we did have to get our light jackets off its hot
Now here on highway 100 where about eight or nine miles from Palatka this little store is closed now I always meant to go inside it maybe it open up again had its
own little character
This is panning back with the camera another view of that neat little store that I never run into
Now we did have to get on I 95 for about 20 miles I think man they have a lot of
construction going on this is as were passing the Daytona area exit
This is the bridge that goes from Port Orange over towards the beach this is
the bridge that the restaurant is right underneath on the south side
Here we're at the restaurant right now we're trying to figure out how to tune in to
the Gator game that has just started you can see the stanchions in the background
of the bridge we're kind of under the big bridge right now
Another view the restaurants behind me now I'm looking towards the bikes and I
can see Marcia still messing with the radio
Before we got into the restaurant they had this I'm very surprised none of us sat
next to him or got our pictures with him nor did anybody sing happy birthday to
Another sign of the restaurant and you can see the bridge in the background
In line you walk up there to order you food from the line you can see this big board with menu so you pick out what you want you go up there and order it you get
your drinks you go to your table and they will bring you your food
Need i say more
They had a lot of seating they had a nice size bar they had seating outside on both sides and
they had a lot of seating inside
This is my food right here on the left I had to shrimp it was good matter of fact everybody seem to have great compliments for their meal.  This is one of their specials
. Think was crab cakes with two layers of fish
One last look at the restaurant before we left
Wayne checking out the 2016 Road Glide
This was neat, you need to watch the video here we are listening to the Gator
football game.
This is our last stop I believe Hwy 301 & SR 318
This is another Facebook trip we made.  Just now transferring it to our website, be sure to check out the video and you can follow us on our Facebook page.