New Years Eve 2015
Michel Marcia
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New Years Eve 2015 Destin, FL

I tell you what we have been watching the weather all week on this one, it would start looking a little better, then bad, then a little better than not so good we knew
rain is going to be in involved in the final outcome one way or another! Once again it was more of a bee line using the interstate to go directly to Destin. We were
lucky with the interstate I don't think we really got but a few drops we made a quick bathroom stop and filled up our bikes then, the temperature dropped so we had to
make another stop the last 20 miles of interstate to put on more clothes it was getting cold! First stop in Destin was Fudpucker’s it was a light rain when we got there
after we ate it still was rain we were going to fuel up but it's very crowded at gas station me and Marcia went to the Walmart store got some supplies then we headed
over to the motel I had made the GPS maps late that night before, and I had the hotel in the wrong place but soon we were all together and it's time to check in we
took about an hour and a half break then we all met up together and headed to town on foot. We heard this place had good sized portions and was an Irish pub
restaurant called McGuier’s very appealing to the eye as we walked up to it, Marcia and Karen both bought a bottle of wine which they opened for us for supper it was
large portions and good. After the meal and a lot of cutting up it was time to walk on the boardwalk, this place was crowded, a lot was happening I guess we spent at
least an hour walking then we headed back to the motel, we all went into the lobby and this is where we welcome in the New Year. Cliff for a minute was getting
ready to see about changing the channel on their TV so we could see the big ball come down then realized we are in the different time zone it had already happened
disappointment was in his eyes. Saturday morning January 1st 2016 we headed towards Apalachicola it rain most of the way and I think everybody was wet in some
degree we checked into our room walked around town briefly and then went to Boss Oyster to eat then we spent some time at a little bar at our hotel. But the next
morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast that was included with our room then once again walked around town checked it out and then headed back towards Gainesville
we said our goodbyes at St Marks we were going to eat at a restaurant afterwards but never did. We had accomplished our mission we brought in the New Year!!!
This is our meeting place in Alachua it's Thursday morning and we are all excited
Just a few miles up we took interstate 75 headed north and we picked up Cliff & Lynn in Lake City then went right back on interstate 75 and then headed west on
Interstate 10
Now this stop was off interstate 10 I think we stopped a few miles early for the restrooms but while here we decided to go ahead and fill up our bikes all I can say is
the fuel was pretty expensive
Now this stop was up the road maybe 30 or 40 miles the only reason we stopped here it started getting very cold we're not too many miles from getting off the
interstate and heading directly south to Destin here we put on another layer of clothes
This is a nice little ride we are on Highway 20 heading west what you see, the body of water there is at the Choctawhatchee Bay from there we made a left on a toll
road for the bridge crossing, the name of the bridge is Mid Bay Bridge
After we got off the interstate I don't think it was more than 25 minutes and we were pulling into the parking lot at Fudpuckers I tell you what over the last 10 to 15
years Destin has really grown up, its well-populated, other than the nice ride over  and yes it's still raining but this is where our three day trip really starts.  Feeding
Time and Partying Time..... let's do it
For more pictures and to get a better idea what Fudpuckers looks like you need to watch the video now Marcia and I went here a few years back not on motorcycles
we didn't have any then but I remember the Three Dog Nights were playing and the Commodores and it was a free concert and this is where we ate at and there
weren't as many buildings here then.
Now this is the view from our room and yes it has stopped raining . After everybody checked in we took about an hour and half where we just kicked back and got
ready for the evening.
Now this is the restaurant we ate at maybe a half mile down the road the place really got your attention with all the green neon lights and before we left the motel I
had already asked the clerk what kind of portions they gave, sure sounded like my kind of restaurant now I got to say I had the shepherd pie other than its size which
was plenty I didn't care for it too much but looking at everybody else eating and some of the meals they had I think its more of I just made the wrong decision of what
I ordered I'm ready to check it out again!!
Now looking at all the dollars hung on the ceiling, this was not the only room that had all these dollars hanging from the ceiling,  like me I'm sure that Junior Ranger
was thinking the same thing I was,  if a man was very fast here he can pay for his meal free tonight  lol.
Time to cross the street, and start bring in the New Years Eve.  Right across the street was the boardwalk,  they have a lot of shops there a lot of things going on too
I've got to say for as cold as it was and it was very cold there was a lot of ladies with some short skirts look like everybody was having fun, we were!
That is one big screen TV on the left above.
The picture here we're back at our motel in the lounge and we're celebrating and bringing in the New Year,  the fireworks are going off but right before they went off
Cliff ended up getting up looked over at the TV and said maybe these people here will let us change the channel so we can see the ball come down in New York,  I
kind of felt bad for Cliff, because when I told him you know we're an hour behind from the East Coast right now.....  he had that look on his face,  I think it might have
been the first time he missed watching the ball come down in New York City
It is now Friday January 1st 2016 it's raining it's cold but we're still happy ! we are leaving Destin and heading over to Apalachicola it's not that big of a ride and we
were kind of exploring some of these roads along the way but after a couple of hours a lot of us we're getting a little wet from the rain even though we had rain gear
on and this day we had to really watch everybody on the road,  we had about three incidents that could have really been bad, all three of those incidents where
between Destin and Panama City Beach
Now this is where I made a big mistake in the picture can you see across the street, yes sir Donut Hole, I don't know what I was thinking I could have sold this one
very good to our group,I could have used that traffic light to show it would have been an easy navigation over and out, even now I want some donuts even now!!!
Apalachicola River Inn,  this is our last night of the trip we're not saturated but we are a little wet from the rain,  everybody checked into their room, I made a neat little
2 or 3 minute video on Facebook of our day so far,  nice location for the hotel and you have Boss Oyster  right next door,  yep its getting that time to start off my day
in Apalachicola it is time to feed!!!
We had a good meal you can see everybody's laughing, oh man where we cutting up, now you're not going to see too many more pictures of tonight but what we did
we walked around Apalachicola, didn't take too long checking out places to have adult beverage then we decided to head back to the River Inn because they have a
bar, little lounge upstairs so we went over there enjoyed the night had a few drinks and then called it a night
Saturday morning January 2nd 2016 here's the view out of our room the river was really running from all the rain up north and we also had seen flood advisories
when we were heading this way the day before I noticed in the video I didn't capture how fast the river was running,  one thing nice here on the two pictures below is
the restaurant they have at the Inn, this was our free breakfast it was a pretty good breakfast
After breakfast we packed our bikes and we went to the main street in Apalachicola we wanted to get a little exploring in before we left,  I tell you this cell phones are
so nice we knew we had a little window looking at the radar if we left right now we would be wet and if we leave in about an hour we're going to be wet so we had a
little window here to do some exploring and that's what we did
Everybody was having fun as you can see,  I put a link on this page for Apalachicola the Historic District,  a lot of information there I believe you can spend a full
weekend and have plenty of to do here we will be back one day!
Once we left Apalachicola we enjoyed our ride back home, we've been down this road many many times,  there's always that little bit of I don't know if you call this
sadness that your trip is over with,  but then if you talk to Marcia she's already planning the next one. We stopped at a gas station in St Marks which we stop many
times before too,  we filled up and said our goodbyes,  we still stayed together going down the highway but as we got to Perry, FL, some broke off there, and then as
we got towards Fanning Springs once again more  separated until it was just a few of us heading towards Gainesville see you guys on the next trip!!!