Marcia's Ride 2015
Mayo, FL area
Michel Marcia
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Marcia's Route (NW Florida 2015)
Marcia had made a route the other day. With the weather so nice today we decided to check this route out before we post it on LRG. It’s about 200 miles
and has a variety of roads. I even put a picture from Base Camp of our route. The weather was great, only thing missing was our buds. We saw a lot of
other roads that looked very interesting, looks like a lot of time is needed on Google Maps to see where these roads go to. At one point we were going to
eat a Atkins BBQ in Bell which has great food, but the urge to feed came a little early, so when we made it into Mayo we stopped at the Mayo Café’ we
have passed this so many times I have no Idea why we never stopped here, they have a buffet and it was great! Then some more back roads and at one
point looking at the GPS it looked like such a cool set of roads to take as we were heading home, too good to be true, after a few miles everything went
to dirt the only thing missing was that great big dog barking or trying to attack us. Then next stop we have stopped here a few time just past the bridge
on 340 heading to High Spring on the right not far from the Rock Bluff Food store which also we have checked out but next time we need to eat here.
Then it was a nice little ride home…..

With LRG Sunday 3/29/2015
We knew we were going to do this ride with LetsRide Gainesville and today was that day. Great seeing everyone and has been awhile with some. The
weather was great nice and cool, and lots of sunshine. We did get a picture of us in front of a tank, then more back roads until we got to Mayo and ate,
fun sitting around the table enjoying some good food and cutting up… Slow pace with the ride another great time!
Just taking our time and enjoying some nice back roads
Here we are by Sandy Point
One of the roughest roads we have found yet
Our picture by the National Guard in Live Oak, FL
Our restaurant in Mayo, FL
Earlier in the week when Marcia and I check the restaurant out
Oh yeah, it's time to feed!!!!
More neat sights on the ride
Two pictures of the first ride Marcia and i did showing the nice paved road  but it was some neat sights
Our last stop, this is a place we always visit when going by
We said our goodbyes here, and enjoyed the view for a little while.  See you on the road!