Marcia's Birthday Ride
Michel Marcia
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I've got to say this was one great trip here we are in Alachua by the kangaroo station and Brown's Country Buffet by the way we haven't eaten here many times
because this is where our trip starts but I gotta tell you they have some great food here check them out well this is also where we met Tony and Vickie at they came
up from Ocala and earlier that morning we had to take Sprocket and Clutch to what we call camp and when we did we noticed on our phones there was a lot of rain
around and unfortunately Tony and Vicky found it on the way up here coming from Ocala.
This was our first stop as a group now we got off the interstate on I 75 at Lake City but we did not stop we picked up Cliff, Lynn, Barney, and another person that I just
forgot his name but he was tagging along with us you'll see hear his name in the video I believe this was a Denny's restaurant and we were just a little bit west of
Tallahassee this is pretty much where the video really starts.
Since the last stop we did one more stop on the other side of Pensacola and then just one quick stop before we crossed over into Mobile to fill up our bikes so we
would be ready tomorrow morning to start our adventure .
Now I have to tell you this Holiday Inn in Mobile Alabama is one nice looking hotel and it's not like all the other traditional looking hotels,  this is a tall tower I believe
17 floors I think the pool is on the third floor,  here are most of our buddies in the pool with their adult beverages concealed and having fun,  guess who forgot their
bathing suit?
Now we walk downtown and I had already called one restaurant and they were going to do the best for us to be able to watch the Florida Gator game well at the same
time they had an Alabama game going and we are in Alabama so I don't think it would work out too good to have them change the game for us. Next door we found
another restaurant it wasn't as crowded but they would put that Gator game on for us,  so you know where we went the food was good the drinks were good and the
Gators were good tonight then on the right hand side is the picture of us eat breakfast in the morning oh by the way they have an all you can eat buffet oh yeah at the
Holiday Inn!!
I must say the ride from Mobile Alabama all the way to the ferry was a very pleasant ride for the exception of 1 tall bridge.   Now this bridge may not have been as tall
as I thought it was but after my buddies got done messing with me it was hell!
I did enjoy the ferry crossing but at the same time it beat going over at tall bridge .  It's just something that you don't do every day at least we don't . I think a lot of
people on the ferry thought we were crazy when everybody sang happy birthday one thing you do want to do if you go across on this ferry before you get there call
Them up and make sure they are running, on our trip back from Arkansas which I'm still finishing the videos on, our plans were to take the ferry then but when I call
that day they were down so it pays to check
I wish I could use copyright music again like I did years ago.  Right here Tony is taking a little break and the song that would be playing in the background would have
been  "It's been a hard day's night"
These two pictures above the one on the left is the second ferry they have there which was not running or not used that day and the picture on the right is looking
from the upper deck to the lower deck
Right at the Florida and Alabama line is this lounge,  if you are in the area you need to check it out.  This place rocks,  everybody had a blast here,  and Marcia has
been planning our New Years  trip and this is where we were going to go,  but we couldn't find accommodations
They had this drink it was frozen and rum was already in it because I didn't see her put any in and my first question to her was where's the rum and she said there is a
lot of rum in it, and she was right now I don't think it was just the rum that made us have such a great time here this place was neat the band sounded great and I kind
of felt bad for Tony and Vickie because they sent a request  and a tip for a happy birthday to be song to Marcia it never happened but our group took care of that
ourselves  we did have a blast!!!
Karen & Ed (AKA Junior Ranger)
Cliff & Lynn
Tony & Vickie
Jill & Barney
The Birthday Girl (Marcia) and me (Michel T)
One last look of the place..... Again we had fun you will too!
Now the next two pictures the one above and the one below all I can say is this is some of the whitest sand I have seen on beaches and it went for miles and miles.
Everybody was enjoying this and the sky's so blue this was a nice ride
We have finally reached our destination for the second night we are now in Destin Florida and man did Marcia and I luck out,  we were the last ones to check in and
they told us they overbooked so they ended up upgrading us, we got a nice room picture on the top left is the view looking out of our bedroom the picture on the top
right is where in explorer mode and hungry!!!
Well it was time to go get something to eat here we are on the boardwalk man this sight is pleasant to your eyes the temperature is just right every thing's right
Now this restaurant here I did not put any links on the top of the page I told the waiter he did a great job and I told him the food was great but the only problem with it
being Marcia's birthday I got the platter that feeds two to four people I myself could have two of those and had dessert and most likely been satisfied I was very
disappointment in the amount of food they gave that is supposed to feed to the four people b*******
This is just one more view as we're walking back to our hotel once there we all met at the pool with adult beverages and coolers we did our usual cutting up and did
sing happy birthday one more time to Marcia and then we learn something we learned one of our members is the Pink Panther you need to watch the video
Our next stop that morning when we left our hotel was the Harley Davidson shop in Panama City Beach and when we left there we headed west towards Pier Park
and took that back east through Panama City Beach then we stayed on 98 and enjoy the ride
Now on the way back home we were going to stop at St Marks they got a great restaurant there but as we were riding I realized there is no way we are going to make
that restaurant before Tony turns, now we pass this restaurant many many times so I thought it was right and safe to go ahead and check this place out today and it
was good
Now looking at this picture it's getting late and we are getting closer to home man what a great trip this has been we had already said goodbye to Tony and Vickie
they left us at a stop about 30 miles west of Perry Florida
Well that's our trip this last picture we're about 40 minutes from the house in this picture it shows a lot of light out but it was getting dark this is where we said our final
goodbyes to everybody and then went on home.  Hope you guys enjoyed the ride do check out the video at the top of  the page.   Michel & Marcia