Michel Marcia
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Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL 2017
We have decided for all
future web pages to use
Facebook's photo albums
for our pictures because it's
so much easier and you will
see the captions for the trip
and you can take your time
going through them you
don't have to keep going
back and forth and also it
shows links and a lot
information, the other thing
that's pretty neat you do not
have to be a Facebook
member to see them
Be sure to click on our video of above to check
out the trip
enjoyed this ride
we have it in the
I really wanted to
do this trip and
check out the
we did go to the
restaurant but
did not do the
ride next time!!
rained out
should be a nice
Live Oak Landing...Riding in the New Year 2018
Our toy hauler trip to Live Oak Landing in the panhandle by Freeport Well we have finally finished going through our photo album tonight I think we got everything in order so we'll be able to use this when we
make our web page I got to say this was one of the least riding that we did on any of our trips the weather was a big factor we can handle the cold but the rain is another issue, but we still made the best of it and
before we even got back home we got together and we already have our next trip planned in a couple months ironically Marcia is sitting on the other side of me on her computer looking at routes for us to ride
when we do our next trip, pray the weather will be good on that one till then see you on the road....
did not complete
this route should
be good
ended up
making this route
still was nice
We never made it to the Outpost but
will next trip and it was only a few
miles from us