Leesburg Bikefest 2014
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
Leesburg Bikefest 2014
April 25 ·  · Taken at Leesburg Main Street and on the way
I always look forward Leesburg Bikefest. It is here!!! Today is Friday and we had a little group exploring today. Man for a Friday I thought
it was very packed. Where we usually park was pretty much filled up. We just did make in the parking lot with our little group. Wow does
the time fly by here. It seemed like we just got here and it was time to head back home. Before we left we seen Jerry & Donna with Ride
Like A Pro pull up to set up, you defiantly need to catch their show. No stops back to Gainesville after a gas up in Leesburg. Wanted to
put a few pictures up from our ride today. Getting ready to kick back and get rested up……. We go back in the morning. This time we
have two rides posted on Lets Ride Gainesville for tomorrow. I don’t think I will have pictures up tomorrow night because it will be late,
but will try to post a few pictures and maybe a couple little videos as we venture through Leesburg Bikefest tomorrow.
Leesburg Bikefest 2014 (Michel & Marcia Motorcycle Trips)
April 27 ·  · Taken at Leesburg Bike Fest
Leesburg day 2! We had lots of fun both days the second day we had a small group god down. Of all the bike fest this is one of my
favorite Bikefest. I have a lot of video of this trip of this 2 day trip. We have our neat little route to enter Leesburg and go right to our
parking place without any wait. When we arrived we were all in explore mode. I love watching all the people and some of the costumes
they dress up in, it takes that boring thing away. I keep saying one of these days I will spend the whole weekend there. It sure has been
a long time since we did but what I remember we had a blast!!! We posted this ride on Let’s Ride Gainesville at 9 am we left and I think by
11 am we were parked. Marcia was clicking away with pictures, and I was doing a lot of videotaping so I hope sometime this week I will
be able to make a video of the trip. We always catch Ride Like A Pro out, and the stunt riders. Then we saw some of our riding buddies
from Gainesville which is always welcomed. We spent most of the day there about 5 pm we left and had to make a quick stop at Gator
Harley Davidson. Oh yea Junior Ranger (A.K.A. Ed) seen the bike he has ordered and you could tell he is now chopping at the bit. Our
last stop was in Belleview where we ate at Mojo Grill, man the food was great, then once again you know it, we ran out of daylight as we
headed home. What a nice ride home, what a great weekend with great friends. When we pulled into the garage I felt fulfilled with our
day! Leesburg ROCK’S…..
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