Lake Harris Hideaway
Michel Marcia
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I put two links up Gator Harley
Davidson and Leesburg Bikefest.  
We did not got to Gator HD, but it
is close by and if you are at
Leesburg Bikefest you should
check this plasce out too!!!
I love these rustic
restaurants on the
water like this.  I
know more have to
be out there, hope
to find them.  Ed and
Karen posted this
ride on Let's Ride
Gainesville.  This is
the second time
they went and the
first for me and
Marcia had to work.  
When we made our
final turn, I think I
remember coming
here about 10 years
ago.  Looks different
Everything about today was great except one thing Marcia was working.  I
love it when you have to wear a jacket, going there was that kind of a
day.  What nice skys and great little back roads.  I had my stereo playing,
I could hear the low growl of my pipes in the background.  Every now and
then I would hear Ed or Wayne on the CB commenting what a nice day.  
When we got on Hwy 42 things slowed down for a few minutes, the sight
you do not like seeing, a couple of parked motorcycles on the side of the
road, fire truck, police routing you around the fire truck and traffic back
up.  Apparently a bear crossed in front of a biker.  Right a way my
thoughts and prayers went out for that person or more if involved.  I know
they love riding just like I do.  Next stop was the restaurant, I and
everyone else enjoyed it.  We had one couple meet us along the way and
another couple meet us there.  We had a great time then we headed
home.   Ironic on the way home about 5 miles from the bike accident there
was an over turned pick up truck.....  
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Michel T
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