Karen's Birthday Ride 2016
Michel Marcia
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Here were in Gainesville at our regular meeting place everybody's excited or looking forward to this long weekend celebrate and Karen's birthday
What a nice day a little bit cool but we can handle it here we're going through Micanopy for those of you that follow us almost every time I go through Micanopy on a
trip it's such a neat little town especially this portion on 441 that I always take pictures right about here
Our first stop was on highway 42 and 25 a where we picked up Tony and Vickie after that our next stop was historic town of Mount Dora here we spent most of the day
first with the meal then doing are exploring as we always do
Here still exploring taking an ice cream break and doing our usual cutting up
This restaurant was below our room in the same building our second night there we did eat here and they had some kind of anniversary celebration something of the
kind prices were great for their food we're ready to bring a group here and still might but we thought those were their regular prices we just were there at the right
We ate here our first night the food was great and at the same time you got to remember we probably already sang happy birthday to Karen at least 8 times before we
entered this building by time we left you can add probably another 3 times singing
While in the sushi bar I just stepped outside to take a picture what it looks like it was cool it was cold but it was a neat looking picture downtown
Here's a picture of my meal this can always be an intense moment when they
bring my food I'm not that familiar with sushi so I don't know what to expect all I
can say so far it has all been good
Now both nights we sat out here by the cigar bar in the picture here they were
open we bought some drinks there and we just cut up and stayed by the fire
looking at Ed I guess it can't be all that cold I know the next day was
Here we're at Buster Tubbs where we ate breakfast both morning because we
had complimentary breakfast from the Key West resort where we stayed but
even if we didn't get a free breakfast I'm sure this is where we would have ate
anyway it was good
Both mornings when we ate breakfast they got to hear us sing happy birthday to
Karen here we are leaving Buster Tubbs and getting ready to do our first day of
riding around Mount Dora and Tavares area.
Now this picture cracks me up,  this is what I always see when I tell Marcia we're going to go on a two day road trip or just an overnight road trip she is in her element
now at the same time don't believe the advertisement sign right there where at stormy Hill Harley Davidson right now
This is a group picture of us we're only about a hundred yards from Lilly's on the Lake where we ate at
I really like this picture I thought it's cool here we are exploring downtown in the historic part of Clermont
This is another one of those old buildings that you can walk in and see what it was like back in time
I am bad with names I need to start writing them down the gentleman above, it
was an honor speaking to him,  he's a  World War 2 veteran
and the pilot
Now we're just walking downtown in the old historic district it is Sunday afternoon
and most of the shops are closed
Sunday night remember in the beginning of our pictures I told you we ate at the Tiki West Bar and Grill here we are before we started eating with a group picture as I
said before the food was great and there was a lot of it but again this was a special celebration for them we lucked out
After we ate the night was still young we looked over across the street from our hotel, the cigar bar was closed but they still had chairs out there and they're building
did block the wind blowing so we went over there a few of us and we had some adult beverages and just enjoyed having a great time laughing and talking about other
Monday morning time to head back home but we're still going enjoy the day before we go home we have a lot planned today
Our last breakfast and we sang happy birthday to Karen one more time here also
we ended up singing happy birthday to our adopted uncle Andre up in Nova
Scotia and sent him a little video of it
No we're not ready to go home yet Sanford?  Hey Sanford is a cool town so we
headed over to Sanford along the way we stopped at Seminole Harley Davidson
First picture above on the left is of Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe, food was good one of my Facebook buddies had told me about this place a long time ago thanks
Rusty top right what a nice picture of our flag
Downtown Sanford the old section it's very appealing to your eyes
I really didn't take that many pictures of us riding but I think there's a lot of video in our little movie we made up above that shows some of the riding areas one that
sticks in my mind is when we left historic Clermont the lady there at the museum told us about Cherry Lake Road and that definitely was a neat little road that we
checked out
Now we did have some cold weather and I think our first morning waking up in Tavares it  want to rain a little but that didn't last long the rest of the time was nice and
Well we remember this gas station this was our first stop, this is where we picked up Tony and Vickie and this is also our last stop where we said goodbye to
everybody and Tony and Vickie, we had a great time and I believe we sang happy birthday one more time here and I missed quite a few of them with video by time I
get my camera on it happy birthday was over with but if you watch the video you will get your fill of happy birthday to Karen we had a blast until next year... Oh yeah
Happy Birthday Karen!!