Junior's Place
Wellborn, FL
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Michel Marcia
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This was an enjoyable ride.  We also went on one of my favorite little back roads, just very country.  I know it was cold this day but you
can usually dress for the cold, it is the summer heat down here that gets you.  I have the Google map above of the trip.  If you want the
Garmin GPS route for this let me know on our forum and I will post them, so if others want them they will be there.  
Here we are doing what we do best cutting up.  The food was good, if you have a large group I would call ahead of time to let them know.  
Cliff and Lynn joined us.  
While sitting at the table I could hear Cliff say something about tipping extra so I watched what was going on.  Our waitres  went to the
specials board and changed it from Junior’s Specials to Junior Ranger Specials.  We had a good laugh out of it.  Ed (Junior Ranger) has
really handled this good, I don’t think many could.  Ed originally got his name Junior Ranger on our
Natchez Trace trip in 2011.  At the time
he had no idea how this was going to pan out……  
Here is one more picture of Junior’s Place in Wellborn, FL.  I put a link to
their Facebook page for phone numbers etc…  Well until next time see
you on the road….  
Our waitress