JB Boondocks 2013
Michel Marcia
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I put two links up Gator Harley
Davidson and Leesburg Bikefest.  
We did not got to Gator HD, but it
is close by and if you are at
Leesburg Bikefest you should
check this plasce out too!!!
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Michel T
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Let's Ride Gainesville
This was a nice ride with the route we took.  Also Lake Harris
Hideaway is pretty much the same route so we have a few
variations of that route.  Again another one of those restaurants on
the water, I love these.  We did have one road we took for a few
miles I just knew it was going to turn into a Big Dog Road (BDR) but
it did not, but was neat.  We always try to take another way home
and this day was no different.
Now tell me doesn't this look very
relaxing?  We ate outside the weather
was great.  This is December and this
week it seems like the whole country is
having a cold spell and we are getting
great weather down here for riding
weather.  While we were here a few
boats came up and docked, they ate
here too and a lot of them brought their
four legged buddies....
Like I said we ate outside, but inside looked pretty good with a nice view of the lake.  This was one great weekend, this was the first day
of ridding, Marcia was off so I tried to plan the whole weekend and when Sunday evening came around it almost felt like we were on a
road trip.  We had fun and that's what it is all about.
One last look before we end the page.  Do check out our video above of the trip.  We did add the song Down in the Boondocks, it was
appropriate.  Also click on our Google Map link for the map which can also be used in your phone.  We also have links to JB Boondocks
so you can check out their menu and more.  Until next time  JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!