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Lily Creek general store
Horseshoe Beach 2016
Horseshoe Beach 2016

Well I didn't figure out where we were going to ride to until late last night and after I made the route I thought I'd go ahead and call the restaurant just to see if I got an answering machine or something and sure
enough the restaurant I was going to was closed but after spending the time on the route I wanted to do the route it look nice. As we approach Horseshoe Beach I was looking all around for a place to eat at and
sure enough about 5 miles before Horseshoe Beach we pass the restaurant Lily Creek general store so we proceeded to Horseshoe Beach and checked it out, at the end of the road they have this great big circle
where you can park your bikes and take some pictures we passed a restaurant we were originally going to, we need to keep an eye out for it, they had a sign that said opening soon after getting a few pictures we
were looking for a restroom around there. We lucked out they have a park there with restrooms neat little park you can camp, with power and water available, even a bathhouse with shower. It was time to move
on and check out that little restaurant Lily Creek general store. They were pretty busy and I have to say it took a little while before we got our food. Now the food was a generous portion and it was very good.
Even though the place was full our waitress did a great job. I'm sure we'll be back in the future. Time to head on back home we had one more stop plan on 340 soon as we crossed the Suwannee River we had to
go to the little store there because the park there was all fenced up and all this heavy equipment inside the fenced area by the bridge we said our goodbyes there and enjoy the rest of the ride home…
Kangaroo Stations by Browns Country Buffet in Alachua, FL
Kangaroo Stations by Browns Country Buffet in Alachua, FL
US 129 & 296th st