Homosassa, FL Day Trip
It's February 21, 2010 and we have put together a little group bikes and headed out from Gainesville to Homosassa, FL. Our
destination is the Shed in Homosassa Springs. This place is just right for a bike trip.  They have and outside bar and they serve
food, and on Sundays they have a one man band playing.  We have been here a few times before but it has been quite some time
ago .  Above we met up with Harold and Bonnie and everybody gassed up.  The weather is alright just a little on the cool side.
We just made it to Crystal River.  Just a few miles up the road and we will be in Homosassa.  I found out from Mike one of
his friends said the music does not start until 1 pm so we have some time to burn.  Wow what a great location to burn up
some time.  Just a few miles down the road we will now make a right on to the Ozello Trail.  This is one very curvy road for
Florida landscape.  Plus it just would not be right to pass up the Ozello Trail.
The pictures above are at the very end of the Ozello Trail.  You have some picnic tables there which we always use. This is
a pretty neat sight.  There is an old inn that one of the hurricanes took out.  Looks like it was a great place to stay
overnight.  Just before crossing the bridge you have Peck's restaurant on the right.  They have some great food there too.
Their parking lot is not paved, its gravel so pay attention.  Sure did turn out to be a great day for riding.
This is the place were you tell your stories, and
jokes.  We have a few pictures of a lot of people that
have been here with us in the past.  You will usually
hear or see an air boat here.  They launch to the right
of the picture above about 100 yards.  When you turn
off of Hwy19 on to Ozello there is a mini mart we
usually pick up some drinks and snacks  for here.
One last look at the end of Ozello and now for the ride back.  I have put a link on the top of the page to few places we went to.  There is
a link for the Ozello Trail; they have events going on at times.  This time I saw a few signs about a chili cook off on the side of the road.
The first thing I realized when we pulled up in the parking lot is we burned too much time up.  It was close to 1pm and we had a hard
time finding a parking spot.  Man it sure turned out to be a nice day too.  Now we were on a mission finding a table.  There were 8 of us
and we had no luck.  So Mike, Harold, and Bonnie stayed there and Tom, Bill, Jill, Marcia and I headed to another place to eat.
Bill who was with us had spent a lot of time in the Homosassa area and knew where to eat.  He suggested Seagrass Pub & Grill. I
see above the sign does say Sandbar but it is all part of Seagrass.  This is also a nice place not many bikes at all but they also had
a one man band playing too.  We went inside to eat, the food was great.  We then gave Mike and the rest a call they were still at
the Shed, and started heading home.
Above is a picture of the back of Seagrass Pub, and below is a picture of the parking lot.  We all did meet up at the gas station in Inglis,
and then headed home.  Next time will get there a little earlier maybe 11:30 I hope will work.  The music does not start until 1 pm.
The trip home I enjoyed too.  It did look like it was going to rain at one time
but never did.  Right when we entered into Archer they had about 20 or
more buffalo but did not have the camera ready.  Next time I will be ready
to film them.  Until next time see you on the road and GET OUT AND
Michel Marcia
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