Hidden Treasure 2013
Michel Marcia
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Michel T
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Let's Ride Gainesville
This is the other
Hidden Treasure
we will check it out
What a nice site!  Marcia and I love birds of prey.  When ever
we leave the house going for a ride, and see a hawk it just
gives you a great feeling of freedom and strength, it's going
to be a great day, and today was another great day.  This
picture was taken at one of our usually meeting areas for
our ride.  Today Home Depot & Subway by Hwy 441 in
Gainesville, FL
I like this fog, I mean it was not that heavy, you still could
see enough of a distance ahead of you.  Just nice to see
a little bit of a different perspective.  Don't get me wrong
very heavy fog, I don't want anything to do with it!  This is
Sunday, day two of our weekend, Yesterday was a great
ride and this one turned out even better.  
We just arrived at Hidden Treasure, and
the girls are wasting no time getting their
picture taken.  From this moment I had
my idea what the rest of the place looked
like and I was not disappointed!
You need to check out the video of our
trip above we have a lot of video of the
place, to give you a better picture.  
Now we did have a great time here.  This was different, they asked how many of us and I told them 12.  
They said cool, we have our boat which seats exackly 12, so here we are on our own boat.  Made it
interesting.  After the meal we did a little of exploring across the street.
Like I said after we ate we did a little bit of
exploring.  The first thing you see not just leaving
but arriving there is the lighthouse.   They have a
gift shop and a few ventured over there.  There is a
charge to climb the lighthouse.  If we had more time
more beer I may have even tried it myself.  Shortly
after I took this picture we were on our way home.  
We did see a neat little parade as we pushed west.  
Then we finally turned onto CR-42.  This is one nice
road for motorcycle.  Towards the end we made a
quick stop for everbody to say bye, and then pushed
on.  When we got home I think Marcia said we
covered 302 miles.  Anouth Great day of riding.  If
you are in the Dayton Beach area you need to check
this place out in Ponce Inlet.  There is another
Hidden Treasure in the area I put a link on the right
side above of it.  Like always Just Get Out and Ride!!