Gator Joe's
Ocala, Fl
I have to say every time we pass Pearl's in Micanopy, I start thinking about the great ribs they have. We drove through Cross
Creek, where the Yearling Restaurant is, another good place to eat. I also put a link on this page to the Yearling. All the roads
we took were nice. The road from Fort McCoy (CR-315) to SR-40 is a little long, more of a strait road. When you are on SR-40
you will first come to CR-314 do not take this, you want CR-314A. Gator Joe's has great food, and a neat atmosphere. If it is the
week end you will most likely see a lot of motorcycles. The ride through Gator Joe's is a neat destination. The ride there, and
back is great. Our start point on the video is hwy 441  CR-346 just south of Micanopy, FL. I the National Forest on the highways
we took, have a lot of curves, and nice scenery. I will have a Yahoo Map of just the video on this page. Below is a map to take
another route home, if you live in Alachua or Gainesville. Also leaving a map below of another way we go to Ocala, to get to
some pictures on this page did this time, I finally came across this song by Kenny Chesney (Freedom), Marcia plays his songs
a lot in the car. I have heard it before, and it was a neat song, and did make me think a little. After I put it in the video, it had me
thinking more. Everybody feels that freedom riding their bike, but watching the video with the song, makes me great full to our
Vet's who gave us this freedom, and our Men & Women in the Armed Services keeping our freedom. I THANK YOU VERY
MUCH! Hope you enjoy the video.
Map of the video portion
Our maps
of the trip
Gator Joe’s, this place you have got to visit.  The location is right on the edge of the Ocala National Forest and right on Lake Weir in the town of
Ocklawaha, some nice country roads for motorcycle riding here.  This is also a nice ride during Leesburg Bike fest because it is not too far, and
it’s just a nice ride.  We have made this ride a lot, this ride was made 3/12/2011 the route I am putting on this page is just a little different and as
nice, just don’t want to spend a lot of time on gpx files when I already have some good ones.  We redid most of the page way at the bottom is a
little write up of past trips and some pictures of past trips going back a few years.
Here we are meeting up in Gainesville at the Home Depot.  This was a ride that Ed & Karen posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville.  We are lucky to
live in this area, there are so many places we can go to and have some nice country roads getting there.  First picture above on left is Wayne’s
new addition to his family, and on the picture to the right is John’s new addition to his family.
Took a little stop here on the out skirts of Ocala, by CR
329 & CR 25A.  We just rode through some nice horse
country at this point.
We are here. Not sure what everybody was looking at in
the picture has me wondering now.
My camera does not take good pictures inside, and I was not going to add these pictures, but they still give you an Idea of what the place
looks like.  Top two pictures are the inside.
Pictures above are the outside deck by the main structure.
The top two and bottom two pictures are of the second part of the deck which goes out over the water a lot more.  Defiantly a
neat spot to kick back and take in the sights.
One last look a Gator Joe’s and we headed back home on a more direct route.  I have many ways of getting there from Alachua, I
have a map linked to the page and I am adding a GPX file for those of you who have GPS to download the route.  The route I am
linking is more of a nice size day ride.  
Quick stop by Ocala at SR 326 & CR 200 Next stop Gainesville at
Paynes Prairie.
Last picture before the group broke up to head home.  Below is an older write up and I have a few
places listed to eat at.  Most of those places are here on our Back Roads link on the top left of the
page and shows you trips to these places too.   Until next time JUST GET OUT AND RIDE……….   
Michel & Marcia
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