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Folkston, GA 2016
Okefenokee & Brickhouse
Folkston, Ga 5/8/2016
We sure have been busy the last two weeks today we ended up getting back on our bikes and having a great ride with our buddies. Today’s destination was Folkston Georgia, we're going to a buffet, we have
been there before at Okefenokee restaurant and what I remember the food was great! Usually I always call before we leave, when I plan a trip to make sure they're open for some reason this time I did not call, we
got within ten miles of the restaurant and I made the phone call after a lot of rings on the phone somebody answered, I told him this is a courtesy call there's only 10 of us we're on our way, and he said sir we're
closed, wow what am I going to do now! And Wayne (aka Boo Boo), loves Buffets, that's probably the main reason he was on his ride, well I asked him is there any other buffets there and he told me yes the
Brickhouse so to the Brickhouse we went. Now on our trip up we B-line in it up there on SR 121. The ride home after our meal was a nice curvy ride home, all country roads, but before we headed home we went
to the Folkston Funnel to watch the trains go by, we seen one, and soon after we left and headed to the gas station to filled up and then started our journey home. We had some nice roads, this time it was 121 but
on the Florida side. Once we got to Mcclenny, we stopped; everyone said their goodbyes to Myrna, also they were selling our Roo Cups from Kangaroo, now 29 cents. We had some nice roads heading over to
the outskirts of La Crosse to see the largest Oak Tree in Florida. There we walked around and kicked back took our time it was early in the day still, had a good time just being with our buddies, then it was time to
bring them home. Another great day of riding found another buffet, so there are two great buffets in the town of Folkston Georgia alright guys will see you later on the road…..