Eaton's Beach
Michel Marcia
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our trips and
Eaton's Beach just
recently opened
again.  I truly enjoyed
the restaurant and the
view.  The food too
was good.   We left
from Gainesville, and
did a direct route
here.  Then after we
enjoyed our meal and
walked around th
place we had a great
ride home going
through the Ocala
National Forest. Also
over one of my
favorite bridges!!
One thing you notice right away this place is big.  Lot's of wood decks etc... For November it was a little warm this day.  When we left
here we had a great ride going through the Ocala National Forest.  Once again Marcia had to work, so when she can't make it I try to
take her during the week when she is off.  Lately it is hard to keep up with our website.  I mean with Facebook we put a lot of our
trips there first with picture of the trip and little videos just to give a look.  Then playing catch up here.  With the new GPS systems
on the Harley's I am starting to get a collection of these little rides, redoing all of our old routes because of the limitations of way
points for a route.  Group picture below, I am not in much of my videos, I am all the way to left in the picture.  
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Eaton's Beach