De Leon Spring State
Park 2015
Michel Marcia
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De Leon Springs State Park 2015
Taken at De Leon Springs State Park
We been looking forward to checking out De Leon Springs State park and we did this day. We posted this ride on LRG. This ride had an earlier
meeting time then our usual, but worked out just right. We made a quick stop in the Ocala National Forest and picked up Tony and Vickie. Our
route was fairly direct. We had already made reservations for 14 on their tour boat earlier that week, soon as we got there we were advised to go
ahead and put our group on the list at the restaurant, which we did, and it worked out great, they had 1 ½ hour wait. Within 15 minutes after we
got back from the boat tour we were sitting down at the table. Now this was a little different you could make your own pancakes and French toast
your table also had a grill built into it, was kinda neat and a selection of syrups etc… Now they also have other foods, and they do take visa. The
spring itself looked very inviting for summer rides, just wonder how crowed it would be. Oh yea the pancakes are all you can eat so I fit right in!
They have a nature trail which I think I heard the group say 4 miles, well I defiantly was fueled up with all of the pancakes for the walk but time
was against us, so we did the short walk. We did take one of the forest roads we had not been on for years heading north from SR-40. One quick
stop in Fort McCoy to say our goodbyes even had our daughter and granddaughter follows us in the car today. Another great day of riding, great
friends, great weather, great time…
This was our first stop in the Ocala National Forest, by CR 214A & SR 40.  Here we picked up Tony & Vickie
This is that neat little road that runs north of US 17 and takes you right to the State Park
We got our tickets here, we also had made reservations earlier in the week so we could get everyone who wanted to go a seat
They have the spring separated from the river.  This must be the flow from the springs emptying into the river.  I had a little bit of video that showed a manatee but
you could not make it out very well
The temperature was cold I mean too cold for us to go swimming, there were some people swimming, but also remember the
year round temperature for the water is 72*
Alright on the boat on explore mode
I can hear the gator now….. It’s Time to Feed!!!
Talking about the need to feed!  Before we got on the boat we were told to go ahead and put your name on the list which we did and it worked out great
Then it was off to explore mode on foot
I am getting better at crossing this bridge on SR 316 just before Ft. McCoy
Our last stop of the day here in Ft. McCoy were we said our goodbyes