Dan's Clam Stand, Crystal River
Taken at Dan's Clam Stand
We posted this one on LRG. We met up at Home Depot and Subway by Hwy 441. Always trying to find a different way to Crystal River and again
we added some neat little roads. We had to eat up some time because of the size of another group that already had reservations at Dan’s Clam
Stand. We did make a stop at the dam in Inglis while taking two main roads running on the south side of Lake Rousseau. We had new downloads
for our bikes concerning our built in GPS, what a difference we tried out the options with added waypoints. This is great. We put 27 waypoints in,
instead of the normal 9 waypoints. Now my GPS on the bike is great for touring, and we have now the options of 100 waypoints I was told. After
the dam and a lot of zig zaging we ended up at our restaurant. I heard no complaints of any bodies’ meal. I had to try the New England Clam
chowder and it was GREAT! Some of our group headed back and the rest took the back way into Homosassa Springs, next stop the new Harley
Shop (New ownership). After checking out the store we said our goodbyes and headed home, with some more neat little back roads. Another
great day with great friends. Playing catch up that was yesterday’s ride; hope to have todays ride in a little while….
Dan's Clam Stand
Crystal River, FL
Michel Marcia
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