Crystal River Over
night trip 2013
Michel Marcia
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I must say once again we had a blast.  Now on this trip I knew we would not get a lot of people there was a lot going on and normally I don't give 4
or 5 days notice for an over night trip, more like a month or two.  The ride we did was large and started out at the Sand Trap.  Now I  have put links
to everything we did above.  There are two videos above first one is the Ride to Remember 911, and the second was the rest of our weekend in
Crystal Rive.  After the ride we hung around High Octane for a while and got something to eat there.  Then we proceeded to our motel which was
the Hampton Inn, nice motel and only about 2.7 miles north of High Octane.  After we unpack it was pool time.  The motel is new and it's rooms
were very nice.  Then pool is salt water.  The staff was great.  After some refreshing cool off in the pool we headed to Cody's.  After we ate it was
back to High Octane, the band was great, and it just was great being able to stay late for once.  After a great night it was back to the motel which
is very near by.  Next morning we ate a little breakfast at the motel and packed back up and rode the Ozello Trail.  When we started off we past
our friends Jerry and Donna, which I caught back up with and they joined us at the end of the Ozello Trail.  After some gathering at the end of the
trail we were off to Bay Port Inn about 25 miles south of us in Weeki Watchee.  There we had a late lunch enjoyed the scenery and then pointed
the bike back north.  We changed our route homebound because of the rain.  We lucked out but every time I looked in my rear mirror it was
raining.   Be sure to check out the videos and our pictures.  You do not have to have a Facebook account, the pictures are a direct link to my
album there.  We wish we had more time still.  High Octane had a very interesting Sunday going on we just ran out of time......  We will be back!!!