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Crystal River another
view 2015
Crystal River, Florida.
November 16
Well this was one of those days where me and Marcia decided we're going to ride I mean she works every other weekend and we have most of the week off so
we decided we're going to start doing a little more riding and exploring seeing places we need to go with the group . Well one of our buddies was looking at a
bike and we decided to go south the long way enjoy the ride, and give support to our buddy which we did we also saw our other buddy Barry down there, they
did have a nice CVO Street Glide there, after some time me and Marcia started heading west on 326 then we took some other roads our next stop was the Race
Track in Crystal River.
A lot of time when we go to Crystal River we will do the Ozello Trail, will go down at Homosassa Springs will check the Shed and maybe High Octane always to
Harley Davidson shop and then usually back home today it was a just a little bit different. We did check out the Harley shop and from there we went to what I
think is the old section of Crystal River, I think the roads name is Citrus Boulevard we ended up parking our bikes by this church and we walked both sides east
and west of citrus Boulevard we pass through here once but we never have really checked it out, looks very interesting . We also found a neat little sports bar
down there, prices seem pretty good, from here we walked back to our bikes snapped a few more pictures of the area then we went to the park, this was a neat
looking park and in the future might be a neat place for a picnic on one of our trips. After exploring here and you'll see a few pictures, we headed north on 19&98
and ate at a neat little restaurant (Shrimp Landing) and I noticed they had all you can eat different meals every day of the week but on Saturday all you can eat
shrimp Sunday all you can eat beef tips sounds like my kind of place. Well daylight was running out we finished our meal and it was good it was time to put on
our night time glasses and our jackets it got dark very soon after we left we had a nice peaceful ride home of course there's always a little tension looking for
them deer another great day with my girl . We will definitely be making a group ride here we'll just have to set it up so the restaurant will be our last stop prior to
heading home…
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